Friday, November 22, 2019

Catching up with life

A simple thing like noticing my favourite rose in the garden blooming yesterday, has reminded me to appreciate the little things. This is Harry, the Harry Wheatcroft rose. It's the only plant I talk to in the garden, saying "Hello Harry", when I see it flowering for the first time in the season.

Both the girls out at the diving board at the lake. I was apprehensive to let Summer go out there, it's her first time. She was fine!

The last couple of years we've cut a real Christmas tree. We have a new, fake, white tree this year and for as many years as it lasts. Oh and there's my reclined feet in the lounge room. Isabel has sticky taped paper to the wall spelling out "Merry Xmas".

The local show was on earlier this month, with the girls turning 8 and 10 the same weekend.

Life waits for no one.

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  1. Indeed, life waits for no one. But what a lovely window into your life that is!

  2. Hello Henry. I talk to my plants too. No names though. I could have sworn at the sweetpeas I nurtured for 6 months. 2 blooms! Love your stoppjng, noticing and taking pics. In a couple of years THIS scene from Christmas will give you warm and wonderful memories of the girls aged 8 and 10. Hope the fires are nowhere near you in SA but these days, they pop up...take care and happy weekend. Denyse x

  3. Aw, I love that you talk to your rose! Such a great post filled with so many joyful things!


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