Friday, December 6, 2019

Birdlife at Casa Pelicano

I spent the weekend at the holiday shack all by myself last weekend. It was a much needed break away from my usual mum and wife duties, which if you ask me were causing some grief for me. 

I sat on the front veranda, wine perched next to me, camera in hand and took in the sounds and sights of all the life around me. 

It was a delight to find a blue wren family has bred three babies in the horrible Portuguese laurel tree in the front yard. There is an upside to being too lazy to chop it down!

I came out of the weekend with a new affirmation after feeling a bit woe is me about feeling not cared for, which is bullshit. We all have two sides to our brain, the emotional side and the thinking side.  My emotional side has been getting a bit carried away. 

"I am cared for and appreciated in all I do"

I can now add this to the other affirmations I have written down in my journal, which I don't refer to enough!

"I am loved and supported"

"I am my own person. I am individual and unique. I am good enough"

"I am worthy of love and respect. I love myself enough not to give myself away to other people"

It is not uncommon to see kangaroos bouncing around this paddock in the mornings.

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  1. I love the birds in flight shot. It's fabulous. As for the affirmations, I'm not entirely sure what that's all about. However, you are allowed and should demand from others how you want to be treated. Even if they are children. You are allowed to walk out of a conversation if someone is putting you down or dismissing you outright. And if someone is putting you down, point out that they are doing it. A lot of people do it without even realising it.

    1. I took plenty of duds to get that one! You are completely right, I deserve much better than being talked to and treated like a doormat xx

  2. Such a beautiful shot. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Bit later than usual linking up but wanted to say in particular, how pleased I was to see you do your self-care this way. I hope that you can schedule in a few more of these solo times. When we are "there" for so many people, it can easy to get down, lost and just resentful. Building in more for you will, I hope, see you feeling better over time. Thanks so much for our on-line friendship. I always appreciate you!! Denyse x

    1. Thanks my love. Sometimes I feel I am not carrying my part of the bargain. I feel the pressure of being spread too thin I guess and my friendships and self care is something that should not be pushed to the side x

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