Monday, October 8, 2018

Rate of Knots

I stood at the jetty for almost five hours yesterday. Didn't catch a thing.

You can't say I am not persistent. I could see the fish swimming around the burley bag I had dangling in the water, but they weren't biting. 

It reads the same the last few times I've been fishing.

It's starting to get me down. I could say why I think it's getting me down, but I know why. 

It's because this time I was getting time out on my own. I just wanted to my time out to count, for something. I should have just sat there and been happy to be, but I just wanted to catch a bloody fish. I wanted to go home with something to show for my time out.

Maybe I should have gone out and taken photos or something. The last few times I have driven to Southend, where I go fishing, I've driven past the Rivoli wetlands, where I've seen a white water bird in the same spot. She must be guarding a nest. Or it could be a he? It's becoming a warm, familiar sight. I should have had my camera with me. I realise I have thought that every time I've seen that bird, and I know exactly what I am doing the next time I have some free time up my sleeve. 

At least I'd have something to show for it. I should have taken my camera to the jetty. Crayfish (lobster) season started a week ago, and the jetty is abuzz at the moment. So much to take photos off, but alas I have nothing to show for my five hours, out of the house and alone.

I can be grateful though, as while I was out Brett mowed the lawn, cleaned up the living area, even mopped the floor and did a load of washing. THAT is a load off for starters. 

I didn't mention I saw a hawk in our backyard this morning!! So it apparently means I need to look at the big picture and not get bogged down with the smaller details. If only my brain would stop stressing about the small details! 

I am in disbelieve at the rate of knots this last half of the year is flying by. I was looking forward to the last term being over and done with, I got my wish. Really it's gone by in the blink of an eye, and so has the first week of school holidays. I am feeling like I am treading water constantly. One more term to go, I cannot believe I am thinking about christmas holidays already! There is so much to happen between now and then. Our gymnastics club annual concert, christmas in the gym, the kids school concerts. I can see this term flying by too.

The long weekend we spent camping in the bushland camps in Southend. We were there for the start of the cray fishing season, the boats sounded like airplanes taking off, as they ventured out in the early hours for the first time in six months. We watched the AFL grand final by the campfire, and the kids swam in the ocean for the first time in months. It was a great couple of days, if you ignore the two days of washing. My chicken breasts cooked over campfire coals were amazing! 

We camped, as someone rented our holiday house, which meant more washing as I went there on the Tuesday following to change bedding. The kids fought almost the whole time, which added to my need for time out.

We're off to the theatre to catch an interractive show of the Wizard of Oz today. Hoping that goes well. I may need some shopping therapy afterwards, or at least some junk food at maccas. Lord knows, that crap never satisfies. 


  1. That sounds busy..and maybe you needed the down time even if it did not eventuate as hoped. Happy Daylight Saving start...bit cold and wet here and I need to drive to Sydney. Hope the week ahead is a good one. Denyse x

  2. Hopefully next time you catch a fish AND photograph the white water bird! Glad you got some alone time though and your hubby did some housework - that ever happens around here! Haha.

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. I totally agree it's so damn frustrating when you don't catch a single fish. What I find worse is when you have one hooked but then lose it reeling it in! Better luck next time. At least you had some time out while your housework got done!

  4. I try to think of these times as enjoyment and relaxing....but it is frustrating..ha ha!!

  5. Looks like you've had some great relaxing times. Hope term 4 is quick and bearable for us all!

  6. I can so agree about the speed of this really has flown by. That is unbelievable to me! Have a beautiful day.

  7. Truly this year has flown by. It's nearly Christmas - hard to believe. Wishing you a fun term 4.


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