Monday, October 15, 2018

October's garden offerings

Loads of beautiful colour around the garden at the moment. There's aphids aplenty on the roses, which has me out spraying to get rid of them. If there's one thing that loves munching on aphids, it's ladybugs, so there's a few of them about too, so I have to be careful I don't get rid of them in the process.

I have one kale plant out the back and it's starting to go to seed. I love eating the flowers, so they're ending up in the kitchen. I baked some veggies, pumpkin, fennel, garlic, beetroot, carrot with olive oil and some oregano from the garden. Mixed with spaghetti and garnished with kale, flowers, parsley from the garden. 

How I love to step out the back and pick some homegrown goodness for the kitchen.


  1. Love that red second flower - and that salad looks AMAZING!!

    1. That's an anemone, it's very dark red, almost black.

  2. What a visual feast to start my Monday. I love ladybirds and that you captured one so well on that flower is the best!! Denyse x

  3. Your flower pics always make me smile! So beautiful :)

  4. What a gorgeous garden you have Alicia. It makes me feel so good looking at your images.

  5. that ladybird on the flower is stunning!

    I aspire to a lovely garden, but it's just aspirations, I kill even the smallest pot of herbs through love!

  6. I feel like visiting your garden with my macro lens. So many beautiful flowers and gorgeous ladybug.

  7. I would love a macro lens! It would be next lens I'd buy.

  8. Beautiful flowers. Makes me want a garden again.

  9. Gosh, the colors are so pretty. We just had snow yesterday, so all of the flowers are pretty much gone!


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