Monday, September 24, 2018

Bumps in the road

Well I thought about this week and what I could be grateful for.

Why don't I write this stuff down when it happens, or take photos? Bloody hopeless.

There was one thing though. When hot chocolate gets accidently spilt on the laptop keyboard and you see a 'something went wrong' blue screen, things don't seem very rosy. Luckily it was my old lap top, unluckily I hadn't (after having it on my mental to do list for the last month) saved the photos from it onto a hard drive.

I cried a little bit, got a little down about not having time to do this and that. I managed to stay reasonably calm.

I took the battery cover off and turned it on its side. Drip, drip drip. Damn.

Hubby took it in the shed and blew compressed air into it, shit come out everywhere he reckons (he's been known to exaggerate).

I searched the house for a suitable tub, put the lap top inside slightly ajar, and poured a packet and a half of rice on the keyboard. If this was a recipe I would say, 'let sit on the kitchen table for two days'. I taped the lid of the tub shut and waited.

Long story short, it turned on after two days, but the keyboard doesn't work. Plus it smelt kinda funky.

So it's still working and I can be grateful that I could get the photos off it.

It's still good to have a second lap top, because we know what technology hogs kids can be. One of the usb ports doesn't work, the keyboard is cactus, so we're using an external keyboard. Oh well, just a bump in the road.

It wouldn't be real life if there wasn't one.

I am just looking forward for the end of this week and I'll have two weeks off work. I need to sleep in and have some lazy days.


  1. Here's to making it till the end of term..sleep ins and relaxing for a bit. So sorry about the lappy. Hope you get the pics out of it. Sigh. Denyse x

  2. Glad the rice worked - I did that with a phone once but it didn't get me anywhere. Off to transfer my photos now!! (and tax files!!) And happy birthday for last week, looks like I missed it.

  3. Oh no! If you take it to an IT place, they can lift off your images. It’s not as expensive as it once was.

    1. Ha ha I know, I have had to do it before. Glad it turned on :)

  4. Oh boy! There is never a good time for these things either...especially when we are already feeling overwhelmed. All of my photos go to icloud, thankfully, so I could save them if I lost the laptop. I am glad that you were able to save yours as well. That would definitely make me cry a little, too.


  5. Things like this are so annoying. But I love how you put it all in perspective. Because it's the not worst thing, and it happens. And you were totally lucky to get the photos off it!!
    Hopefully the rest of the week will be rosier!!

  6. Good to hear your laptop started working and you could get your photos. couple of years ago my laptop gave up and wouldn't start. Luckily I had taken a full backup just a few days before it died. Ever since then, I store most of my stuff on an external drive. Which reminds me, I must take a backup of my current laptop. Have an awesome week.

  7. I'm so relieved you could get your photos! You've reminded me to do a back up!!

  8. What a relief that you were able to rescue your photos! About 10 years ago I "thought" I'd saved all my photos onto a disc, so deleted them off my PC. You guessed it - two years worth of precious family memories lost forever. I don't think I've ever been so angry at myself. I remember grabbing a coffee mug and smashing it against the outside of the house, I was so livid (I'm not normally prone to violence!).


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