Monday, September 10, 2018

The travelling chook

So I applied for my first passport this week, along with the kids.

We are getting organised, as a cruise to the Pacific islands is on the horizon in the near future. We just need to find the right cruise at the right time. Sounds like heaven.

My attitude to travelling is a bit like a scouts motto; be prepared. I don't like surprises and I like to have everything we need, when we need it.

I guess it depends what sort of travel you are doing. I've never been overseas, so I wouldn't know where to start giving advice about that, besides getting yourself a passport. Can I just say passport photos are not flattering AT ALL! If you ever wanted a photo of yourself looking like you've just had a mugshot in the cop shop for smoking crack in a public place - get a passport. It's the closest thing to a mortuary shot with your eyes open you will ever have. 

When it comes to going away on holiday, in a hotel or a camping trip, I stress about the small stuff and loathe the trip to get there, once I am at the destination though, that's when I relax and actually enjoy myself.

I loathe the packing, the organising. Lists, and then the list after the first list, so that nothing is forgotten. It's a miracle when nothing is left at home. In the case of camping, the kitchen sink, usually a plastic tub.

Hubby is a lover of the camp shower. A tent with a shower head, water pumped from an old beer keg, converted into a hot water service with a big gas hob under it. Handy for hand washing clothes in also. Lord knows, he would NEVER forget that.

His tasks to get ready for a camping trip are pretty basic compared to all the shit that needs to be prepared for the kids, catering(copious amounts of non perishables, and fresh food kept in a humungous esky with recycled UHT milk cartons filled with water and frozen. My biggest struggle is convincing hubby not to take the lid or milk carton covering off the ice blocks. Food floating in water, tainted with meat juices is NOT desirable) and clothes, hats, sunscreen. Dish washing shit, clothes washing shit, sleeping stuff, playing stuff, cutlery and crockery. I'm getting a headache thinking about (reaches for headspace app). God I hope we don't go camping anytime soon. You see why I hate the preparing and like the arriving stage.

Cabins and hotel rooms are so much easier. A stove/cooktop, a microwave, linen, hot water on tap, a fridge! Yes please! Don't get me wrong, I like camping, I just don't like the preparing bit. Give me a self contained cabin anyday!

 Whatever and however you travel, stay, it all comes down to being prepared.

  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • swimmers
  • pyjamas
  • snacks/food
  • water, for god sake don't forget wine
  • enough undies, plus an extra pair
  • clothing for any occasion, and then some
  • reading material
  • phone, for god sake don't forget your charger
  • camera, for god sake don't forget extra batteries or the charger
  • passports
  • money
  • more money
  • ID
  • kids Panadol
  • hangover Panadol
  • simple first aid kit
  • your favourite coffee or tea
  • chocolate
  • shoes
  • makeup
  • jewellery
  • more clothes, because you just might need that one piece, that you inevitably bring home unworn
  • easy breakfast if staying in hotel that doesn't cater for it
  • someone to check the mail
  • someone to feed the animals

Is there something I have missed? I am sure there is, and if there is, don't let it keep you up all night before your day of travel like I do!


  1. How exciting is this! Passport photos: say no more. I am not into cruises but I now see so many families able to do OS travel thanks to their growing popularity. This is great fun to be discussing and planning! Denyse x PS great post...just right fit for my optional prompt!!

    1. A cruise seems like a great way to start my overseas adventures, I will be happy when we have something booked in and to look forward to.

  2. Replies
    1. I am so looking forward to seeing some of the pacific islands. I have heard good things about cruising, hoping it all goes well.

  3. Your first passport. That's BEYOND exciting. Go you :)

    1. It is quite exciting, it opens up a whole new set of adventures to be had! :)

  4. Oh yay! A cruise - so exciting! I must say I tried camping in my younger days, but these days, the only place I'll camp out is in an en suite hotel room!


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