Monday, October 9, 2017

Seven salads to make this season

One of the local pubs has just opened up suggestions from patrons, for the salad bar. They've even asked for recipes and created a little competition around it.

I haven't put forward a recipe, quite frankly, I hardly ever go that pub, but it has made me wonder what salads I have in my arsenal, that I could put forward.

It took me to the recipes section of this blog, which if I have to be honest, I hadn't visited for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised. I am reminded of good food memories and stories, and loads of recipes I'd forgotten about. I seriously have a decent cook book full of recipes there.

One of my goals, which I haven't fulfilled (one of these days), is to make a series of ebooks or a cook book. I just have to work out how to get started, which is the key I guess. JUST GET STARTED!

So to jog my memory, and yours. Here's seven salads to joosh up your mealtimes this spring and summer.

Pea and fennel salad

Watermelon Salad

Broad bean salad

Roast pumpkin and capsicum couscous salad

Green bean salad

Orange salad


  1. I like the look of the fennel and pea salad. I might make that tonight.

  2. The roast pumpkin and couscous salad is one of my favourites. I'll have to try a few of these other salads as well


  3. I have always thought your meals which you show here and on line elsewhere look original and creative. Yes, great idea to do a cook book. Did you see that Cooker and a Looker has just launched a cookbook? D x

  4. Yum! These look great. I don't make salads as often as I should, but there's a few here I'll try!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. YUMMO! I feel like a salad, after a naughty weekend ;)

  6. Around the dinner table at the weekend, there were several conversations about finding some new salad recipes. So this is perfect timing for us and we will certainly try some of these.

  7. I'm trying to get back to eating more salads. Thanks for the these - very inspiring!

  8. The salads look very delicious Alicia and you should definitely enter the comp! I like the sound of the pea one!

  9. Yummy's going to be salad weather soon :)

  10. Finally remembered to come link up here again only to see no link up! LOL

    Those salads look AMAZING! You should definitely put together an e-book xo


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