Monday, October 2, 2017

October. So surprised to see you so soon - Taking Stock

Wasn't it just Christmas in July? Now the real Christmas is beating down our door. The last term of school is the craziest time, with so much happening. I am not looking forward to how quickly it will flash before my eyes. All I can do is hang on as tight as I can!

I love discovering and learning new things. Like what you can cook with the most unexpected ingredients. 

Making : Travel plans. My son and I are Sydney bound for a few days next week. I am SO looking forward to spending some time with him and his paternal family. It has been too long. 

Cooking : Eggless pavlovas. How? I hear you say. Well, you learn something everyday, and if I hadn't have tried it, I wouldn't have believed for myself. With the juice left over in a can of chick peas!

Drinking: Black label Johnny Walker. Our grand final weekend drink of choice. Some also made it into our chocolate mug cakes last night.

Reading: I've just finished Tara Moss', Speaking out. 

Wanting: For the rest of the year to slow down! Time waits for no one!

Looking: Out for new things coming up in the spring garden. I love the surprises like ranunculus and tulips that show their sunny faces, I had forgotten were there.

Playing: Twister. I am definitely too old for it and not as flexible as I used to be. The kids thought it was hilarious.

Wishing: I could have a relaxed week. I have two holiday homes to clean, a doctors appointment and the car is booked in for a new windscreen(darn truck flicking up a rock). Hopefully the end of the week will be a little less busy.

Enjoying: Using fresh herbs from the garden in the kitchen.

Waiting: For our new tent to arrive. We are spending New Years camping and I insisted we buy a new tent! Apparently it takes two minutes to set up. I will believe that when I see it! I can hear the arguments already...

Liking: That daylight savings has started. Longer daylight hours and with that I associate warmer days too.

Wondering: Why the hell I had to wait until tonight to find out what's been happening on Survivor!

Loving: The new bird cage my hubby built for our canaries. He doesn't like birds in small cages and he's built them the Hilton of bird cages in the back yard. They can fly!

Considering: Roasting some chillies and soaking in oil, to spray the aphids on my roses.

Buying: Loads of new plants. I got Bunnings vouchers for my birthday last month and of course I spent the lot on the garden.

Watching: The Bachelorette! Sophie Monk is all sorts of entertaining. I hope she finds the man of her dreams.

Hoping: I remember to turn my phone alarm off. We are on school holidays now, I don't coach in the holidays and some sleep ins would be awesome. No swimming lessons for the next couple of weeks either.

Marvelling: At how crazy my kids make me one minute, and how in love with them I am the next. 

Cringing: I went out to photograph the garden today, only to realise later that the memory card wasn't in the camera. Doh!

Needing: To print out some photos. Mum works at the old folks home and I was there on Saturday taking photos of the residents at their grand final celebrations. I could do it at home, but I've run out of printer ink. I should just buy more ink, it will save me having to squeeze in a visit to Harvey Norman to have them printed. Why is printer ink so expensive though?! These days is cheaper to buy a new printer with ink included!

Smelling: Coconut and lemongrass. I found a stray scentsy star tucked away in the writing desk(which is like a big junk draw!), it's scent wafted from the oil burner last week.

Wearing: Yesterday was tracky dacks and a hoody. Kinda like a pyjama day, because I had slept in them the night before! I went nowhere. Did some washing, cleaned up a bit, and watched a movie with Summer. In the arvo I checked how the winter neglected garden irrigation was working, got soaking wet, showered and put on different tracky dacks and a hoody!

Getting: Motivated to do some spring cleaning. The longer days and warmer weather does it to me every time. On my list is to clean and repaint our interior doors, also pressure clean the back deck. The walls could do with a clean too.

Bookmarking: Clothing websites(I can dream) and recipes. Always lots of recipes.

Disliking: The conflict that has arisen because of the same sex marriage vote. So much for free choice and freedom of speech. 

Giggling: At Puns on Facebook. Most of them are like really bad Dad jokes, but funny.

Snacking: Trying not to. For some reason cheese single slices are my go to snack. Like four in a row. Could be worse. Oh and yesterday it was choc chips from the pantry. 

Hearing: I love hearing birds in the morning. Wont be long and the cockies will be making their racket too. Some people hate it. I don't at all.

What new and exciting things have you learnt in the last month?

What has made you happy this week? 


  1. I can't wait to see what's happening on Survivor too! Test was my da oh rite to win but now she's out I think Locky deserves to win.


  2. Tessa was my favourite to win but ..... Is what the last sentence should have started with! I shouldn't try writing comments on my phone it never comes out right. Sorry.

  3. There is a spring-like attitude in your Taking Stock!! I really enjoyed reading (and seeing) what you have been up to. You are getting around this country of ours this year. I love that too!! I hope you had a kind of sleep in morning and that you enjoy your 'down' time as well as getting ready for Sydney. As for printer ink..a disgrace how much we pay!! Happy Beginning of School Hols Monday. We have a public holiday here but when you are retired as we are, they don't seem very different any more. D xx

  4. Definitely disliking that conflict too. It doesn’t feel
    like it should be a thing people are conflicted about

  5. How crazy is it that it's October already?! You know the sad thing was I started sorting toys to take to the markets and sell before Christmas last year and I still haven't got them organised to sell yet! I can't believe it's been almost a year already. Also I really need to try out the chickpea pavlova because I could actually eat that even with my crazy diet restrictions right now.

  6. SNAP! We are going camping at New Year's too, can't wait. I am pooing myself that it's October, just a downhill spiral til Xmas now! xx

  7. I'm glad i'm not the only only one who thinks this year has gone super fast. We have only just started the school hols in Auckland and these are the last ones for us. The teen is in his last year of high school and after these hols will only be in class for three weeks, before going off to sit his last external exams. By early November school will be done for us, as much as i'm happy to be over that stage of our lives, it does seem to have gone by super fast.

  8. Enjoy your trip to Sydney! That sounds really fun!

  9. Yep, Christmas is coming around waaaay too quick! Those eggless pavs look great. I also love using fresh herbs. Hope you enjoyed the trip to Sydney xo


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