Monday, August 28, 2017

The perfect recipe for slime

A few weeks ago I gave into the nagging from my Izzy about when I was going to buy the stuff to make slime.

Honestly, every time she mentioned it, I had thoughts of slime being spread from one end of the house to the other. The mess did not appeal to me one bit. I wonder now why I had been so worried. It really wasn't so bad. It was fun, they had fun with it.

You will find Borax in the laundry/cleaning aisle in the supermarket, and I bought the glue at the cheap shop.

I was a little impressed with how the chemical reaction between the borax and the glue, turned into gooey slime.

The first few attempts were a bit of a flop, and I quickly worked out to keep the borax and glue away from each other until I was ready to finally mix everything together. 

We had no colouring that first time and I have to tell you, it reminded me of a male body secretion. The girls added some glitter which fixed it. 

Summer and I made some more slime over the weekend and I used a little pink colouring.

The slime will thicken after a day or two. I kept it in a sealed container. Don't use a plastic bag. Be aware if you leave it in a lump, it will return to a liquid form and kind of 'melt'. The kids left it on the table and next thing it had flattened out and was dripping off the edge.

If you want a thicker type of flubber, add less water.

You will need:   2 small/medium sized bowls or containers
                          a quarter cup measure
                          a tablespoon measure
                          spoon for stirring

                          1 tablespoon white craft glue
                          1/4 cup water
                          food colouring
                          1/4 cup Borax

Mix the water, glue and colouring in one bowl.

Add the borax to another bowl. When you measure out the borax, make sure you don't use anything that has had the glue in it. Keep the two mixtures apart until you are ready to mix them.

Add the water mixture into the borax bowl and start stirring straight away. The slime will start to form immediately. Mix well for at least a minute.

You have made slime!!

This kid was in her pajamas all day!



  1. My daughter said it was dishwashing liquid, not borax so when we made it the other day it didn't work...funny that! She was adamant tho and wouldn't let me google!

    1. There are loads of different versions. Isabel has been trying to tell me to use shaving cream as well!

  2. I've never thought to make it ourselves! The pic of it dripping off the table gave me a giggle hehe

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Ha ha I know. The kids had gone to bed and I caught it in the corner of my eye. I was like, what the hell?!

  3. I'd be hesitant to allow my kids to make slime at home too. I can just see it embedded in the carpet and everywhere else!


    1. It does kinda stick to fabrics! It does dry quite crusty and flakes off easy enough though.

  4. Did you read my mind?!! We spent the entire weekend planning on making this stuff after my son bought some at school last week! I am buying my products this week and will probably be blogging it too! Kids get such joy out of slime and putty!

    1. Izzy saw it on You tube and has been bugging me ever since. She's been remembering all the ingredients and even tried to make it herself with flour and shaving cream! Finally I caved and helped them make it properly.

  5. Well I have all those items.... guess I should give in and make some!

  6. Thankfully my days of making that kind of stuff are long over. Play dough & green slime were always a big hit back then.

  7. I just can't bring myself to do it. Make the slime, that is! My two young boys are gross enough without slime! Hahaha. But we did make a volcano and dig for dino bones and all sorts of other dirty gross things this summer. So I will leave the slime for the science lesson at school! But thanks for sharing the recipe...if I am ever inclined to change my mind, I know where to look. Have a fabulous week!


  8. Total fun! The girls here have been into slime recipes too. They've even added foam beads to it...enjoy :)...

  9. Thanks for this post, I havn't tried this recipe before and it has inspired me to try and be brave again to do more of these messy kind of activities with my kids. They love it don't they? I just need to get over my OCD and the possibility of mess! lol

  10. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D



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