Monday, August 14, 2017

August garden - it's not all flowers

Yesterday was a glorious day weather wise. I planted a lemon tree where we have pulled out an old hedge that was getting a little sparse. It's let a whole lot more light in that corner of the garden. Hopefully the grass grows back there too, have to get some lawn seed. I am wanting to plant some hydrangeas along the fence where it's a little shadier, I think it will look gorgeous.

When we dropped the old hedge off at the tip, in true scrounger style I saw a HEAP of jonquil bulbs that I could not leave there. I brought them home and planted them around some of our big trees! Bonus. I love free stuff. Looking forward to seeing them flower next year!

It's nice to feel a little more sunshine as Spring draws closer, not long now.

I thought I would share a few of the permanent fixtures and characters I have around the garden.

I wasn't sure I was even going to get this post up today. Due to a Telstra fuck up, we haven't had home internet for four days, this will be the fifth day. I am going to lose my shit at them (again) if it is not back on today. So annoyed with them. Chewing up my mobile phone credit right here. 

This is my 250th Open Slather this week!! Thank you all for joining in over the last two hundred and fifty Mondays. That's like almost five years. It has been wonderful having you come along. 

My son made this truck limestone carving at school. I love it because he made it and I have such fond feelings when I walk past it in the garden.

This little guy has been in our garden for at least ten years. He was hidden until recently, when we got rid of the ivy. His colour has gone and I was surprised to see him in one piece still, considering he is hollow inside and would easily break.

About thirteenish years ago, I tended the garden of a lady, who ran a gift shop from her house and garden. I took this naughty gnome as payment one week.

I do like the look of metal garden art, but they don't last too long. I had a metal flamingo in this part of the garden, he is still there but has fallen to bits!

These three have been with us a while too.

The kids(we had one from next door for the day) got out for a run on the go kart in the sunshine. It helps to have a long driveway and live in a cul de sac.


  1. I totally have go kart envy!! (Jonquils are my favourite flower, cos of the smell!)

  2. Your garden looks incred! I have serious envy. Mine is just a total mess by comparison.

  3. I can see your garden in Spring will be amazing. I love the idea that you picked up some jonquils at the tip! Congratulations on 250 Open Slathers! Wow. Gosh I so hope you get that internet thingy fixed. Soooo frustrating! I feel that pain. Denyse x

  4. Gosh 5 years! My lemon trees always die, I have a black thumb :( xx

  5. Congrats on 250 Open Slathers! I want you to know I have serious garden envy. I'm hoping by the end of the year we can get our front and back yards sorted. I wish I was a good gardener!

  6. Congratulations on reaching the massive milestone of 250 Open Slathers! I love all your garden art/pieces of interest. I had quite a few metal ones including some flamingoes I loved too but they've all fallen apart with rust from the weather.


  7. Your garden is lovely! And I adore that naughty gnome! Too cute.


  8. Your garden is lovely. My daughter is trying to create her own little fairy garden at the moment.


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