Monday, February 27, 2017

Never boring

As much as life is kicking my arse at the moment, I can appreciate that if it wasn't for the craziness, I'd be bored shitless.

I must admit though, when I do get some downtime, I turn to Facebook. Even though I feel like it's dumming me down, and I am not achieving anything, it's the timeout I need.

It means I am not having the motivation to get the important things done, well not until the last minute anyway.

The thing that is taking the most space in my head at the moment is my adult son, who has been in the mental health ward for nearly two weeks. Not only have I learned to spell his condition properly, but to deal with what has happened to lead him there. It is not made easier by someone close to me, not being supportive at all. It makes it fucking hard. 

I am emotionally exhausted, which makes other parts of my life hard. I do apologize for my lack of presence around here lately. I am treading water at the moment, but managing to keep my head above water. I can see the end of the tunnel, I haven't given up yet.

It's not all bad. I am becoming a strong warrior. One day I will rock this shit called life. Right now it is like pushing shit up a hill.

I still have two gorgeous girls who need me, not to mention a new kitten! GOD!! Kids who get new animals that I am inevitably responsible for when they are at school all day. Thank goodness it's using the litter tray like a pro! Izzy got a real shock the first time she smelled the alure of cat poo. I gently guided her through the process of cleaning the litter, with the heart sinking reality of the new fragrance my laundry was going to inherit. Hurry up and grow kitty.

My girls kept me well and truly entertained during the week with their funny antics. While I quickly showered one morning, they covered the toilet with glad wrap and drew a huge black spider on the toilet paper with a Sharpie. I didn't discover it until after school drop off. I was grateful for the happiness it brought me. They were doubly amused at the big deal I made of it when I saw them, they lit up like light bulbs. Little buggers. 

We spent the weekend at the holiday house. I nicked off down the road to the beach just before sunset with my camera and half a bottle of wine in my gut. The best way.

It was just what I needed. Nature levels me.


  1. I'm sorry you're having a tough time - life can be so difficult it's exhausting and overwhelming. Having a good friend you can vent to is important, being still able to laugh at the little things is great, and getting out in nature is perfect! Hang in there - glad you can see the end in sight. That's half the battle.

  2. I hope you are managing okay Alicia. There is so much on your plate. Enjoy those little things, like the Glad Wrap incident and those sunsets. Look after you first and I hope the sunrise is coming soon for you. X

  3. You captured a beautiful sunset there!

  4. I'm glad you can find things to laugh about and comfort in nature during this stressful time. Cheeky girls! I definitely wouldn't have noticed the glad wrap and sat down...LOL. Hang in there. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Hoping your boy is getting the help he needs. Maybe you need to also access some support too Alicia? It's tough having to keep everything ticking over for everyone else - please don't forget about your own needs too x

  6. I hope your son is OK. Welcome to your new kitten - I know exactly what you are going through. Kitty litter woes are not fun!


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