Monday, February 13, 2017

The Tantanoola/Kongorong Road

I finally got my night away from Brett and the kids on Friday.  I managed to avoid them for a whole 24 hours, and a bit. 

It was only a nights stay at the beach house, and I should have relaxed more than I actually did. Instead of putting my feet up, I mowed the lawn, which isn't really that much hard work on a ride on. I actually quite enjoy it. Like therapy, time to think.

I did some tidying up in the garden, watered the lawn and hung a blackboard next to the back door of the house. If you have a look in the sidebar for the Instagram feed, you'll probably see it there. 

I also attached a weather strip to the bottom of the front door, which turned out to be a total pain in the arse, with me having to unscrew it twice before I got it right! The fact that I was onto my second glass of wine had nothing to do with it! At least it will keep the rain out now, when it pours in that direction.

I sat down after that and finished my bottle of wine watching Married at first sight catch ups until after midnight. I got sucked in. 

I was going to stay the entire weekend, but someone wanted to rent it Saturday night, and not wanting to miss on some rent money I left on Saturday morning. I ducked in at home, drove to Southend and fished for the rest of the day on the jetty. I caught one legal fish! The bloke next to me caught 10! Bastard! That's the luck of the draw.

On the way home from the beach house I took my time going home, stopping to take some photos on the Tantanoola/Kongorong Road. I had a good chat with a farmer at the Snake Paddock gate, which was nice. He's name was Alan. I should have asked to take his photo. When I saw the name on the gate, I was a bit concerned I only had thongs on. He laughed and said "Just don't look down and keep on walking"! Alright for him, he had boots and jeans on! 

Joining Denyse for #lifethisweek


  1. They're lovely photos - but yes, scary in thongs I imagine...I think we all know how the paddock got it's name.

    1. The gate is about 10 metres from the road, so I walked a bit before I realised what the name on the gate was. I was looking a bit closer on the ground after that! Luckily the grass had been slashed recently, I probably wouldn't have gotten out the car if it hadn't.

  2. I love a good TV binge session - glad you got to relax a bit after doing all that work!

  3. Glad you got some time out Alicia. Even pottering around a house without kids in tow can be quite relaxing.

  4. One day i am going to look at the area where you live (I can only 'guesstimate') because it is fascinating - from the country to the sea. I love that you finally got some ME time even if it wasnt quite 'relaxing' it would seem that it suited you down to the ground. Ah, the wind turbines..which didn't quite work (media reports said) for the SA power loss last week. I hope there are NO more of these for a LONG LONG time.

  5. Good for you taking a break. We definitely need that from time to time :)

  6. Sounds like a nice break! I love your pics of the farms, looks peaceful!

  7. Totes jelly of your time away! I would drive straight past snake paddock. Yuck! We have a surfing spot near us which apparently is awesome, to get too it you have to go over shark pit. Not that I am a surfer but if i was no way in hell would i even contemplate going anywhere near there!
    Great pics chook!
    Ps i promise to catch up with all the linkers this week!

  8. Glad you enjoyed your time out. And the photos are amazing - I would have freaked out at the sign and took off!

  9. Stunning pics. Perhaps you could go more often for short stays to feel like you get a regular break. Would that be doable?

  10. I'm tickled pink to hear you had a nice away! Much deserved xx

  11. Glad you had some time to yourself! The photos look beautiful and peaceful...although the thought of snakes...not so much!

  12. What lovely photos! I'm glad you were able to rest and recharge. xx


  13. Fantastic rural photos. After 2 glasses you probably didn't have enough wine... too cute.


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