Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ICAD 2016 - Week 7

ICAD #43 mint
This is a hybrid Minties and Mentos card. A local servo was giving away free mentos with fuel purchases. I put the wrappers to good use. I also had no idea there was a choc mint flavour, they taste pretty good too. Minties always remind me of my grandad. Whenever he came over, us kids were so excited because his pockets would be full of Minties, just for us.

ICAD #44  Rainbow making machine
This is where rainbows come from. Right?

ICAD #45 Play on words
Pardon the pun

ICAD # 46 Lighthouse

ICAD #47 Monochromatic
Monochrome doesn't necessarily mean black and white. I was looking through and old magazine to cut from, and there seemed to be lots of green, so I went with it.

ICAD #48 Aurora borealis
A bit of an abstract one. 

ICAD #49 superhero
It took me a lot of years, to realise my mum is a superhero. 


  1. I second the rainbow pooping or is it fluffing unicorn.
    Assault is very clever.

  2. So good seeing your cards in a bigger version too. I'm doing my blog post tomorrow about ICAD. Hard to believe it is nearly over. Great to see you join in and your cards have been such a delight!!


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