Wednesday, July 13, 2016

ICAD 2016 - Week 6

ICAD #36 Crystal or prism
When I googled 'prism', Pink Floyd's, Dark side of the moon cover came up. So I went with it.

ICAD #37 meditation
My first Mandala!

ICAD #38
When I was preggers with my first, 24 years ago, mum and I attended a folk art day class. While I didn't have the right brushes, or paint, this card was easy.
ICAD #39 Lens
Why am I still seeing women wearing leggings as pants. The trick ladies is, to wear a tunic top that will cover your bum. Really!! It's not that hard!

ICAD #40 Surfboard

ICAD #41 Longitude and latitude
It took me just about all day to work out what I was doing with this prompt. The coordinates are for the Canunda national park. I love going there. 

ICAD #42 Yellow
When I thought of yellow, my mind went to Itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini, and stayed there for most of the day! Isabel even asked "Have you got that song stuck in your head Mum?".


  1. I am totally LOVING you icad entries. the creative side of you is shining!!!! Love this. Denyse x

  2. These are sooooo cool! I can't pick a favourite. Love the meditation one. Bet laughed out loud at the specsavers one. Also love the bikini. Too many to choose from!

  3. I really enjoy your creativity and you are a talented artist.
    Mandala! is awesome


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