Monday, February 8, 2016

Roses to plant to with Iceberg roses

I just love to pick my roses and bring them inside. One of my favourite roses to use as a filler is Iceberg roses. These delicate white roses create a softness, and look so romantic with Pinks, Mauves and Apricot colours.
These are suggestions to plant in the garden with White Iceberg roses for beautiful romantic, billowy flower arrangements for your home.
White Iceberg roses with Apricot Nectar rose

Pierre de Ronsard rose with White Icebergs, would have to be one of my favourite combinations

Cubana and White iceberg roses
For pink roses try Pierre de Ronsard, Queen Elizabeth and Seduction.

For apricot hues plant Just Joey, Cubana and Apricot Nectar.

For mauves plant Angel Face, Blue Moon, Blue river or Charles de Gaulle.

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  1. I didn't read that correctly and thought it was iceberg lettuces...this diet is getting to me!!
    Beautiful flowers. I get the Aldi $5 roses from time to time, and sniff them every time I walk past....lucky you to have such a beautiful garden!

  2. I love the arrangements you've made with your roses. I'd love the iceberg roses just on their own also.

  3. Simply beautiful! I can only imagine the scent!

  4. These are gorgeous. I buy myself flowers every week and love love pink flowers.

  5. my mum had an iceberg rose when I was a kid... It thrived on neglect and gave the most gorgeous flowers each year

  6. Those roses are just gorgeous. My Mum has a beautiful rose garden, too. Sadly the gardening genes bypassed me!

  7. I love your photos of your roses. I think I've told you before that my dad is a big rose gardener and on the weekend he cleaned up at the local show, winning Champion rose amongst other awards!

  8. This post is making me wish I had a garden. We only have astroturf and kids play equipment in the backyard now. Flowers would be nice every now and then.

  9. Beautiful roses and pictures. They remind me of my dad, who loves gardening and rosebushes. Thanks for hosting another excellent link-up :)

  10. Beautiful roses! The look light and airy.
    Thanks for hosting and hope you have a great week!


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