Thursday, February 11, 2016

Flower #fmy52weeksofmemories

I always throw the camera in the car when I go to Pelican Point. There's so much to take photos of, like flowers on the side of the road. Only me.

I actually pulled over to take photos of the blue bath in the stockyards a Bobby Duck Hole. I couldn't get quite close enough, because long grass and barbed wire. I did try to climb up on the rails. Freaked myself out a bit when I saw a brown snake crossing the road about 100 metres up the road, after I left. Not the best place to be rummaging around with longish grass and thongs!

There is an old blue tractor just up the road I wouldn't mind taking some photos of too. I just have to pluck up the courage to ask the farmer if I can go out in his paddock, hoping the big cows don't come anywhere near me!

On to a different sort of flowers, my two little flowers. Who, turns out, and big fat tomboys! Husband couldn't help himself but to buy Izzy a motorised go kart, even after I thought of just about every excuse as why they didn't need one.

Izzy loves it, and Summer loves riding with her dad. The kids next door love having a turn with him too.

We went to Pelican Point over the weekend with friends and it had a run on the beach. It was a beautiful day down there.


  1. That buggy looks like fun, especially on the beach! I am always stalking a good photo too...happy hunting x

  2. Now that is the coolest present ever! If we lived rural we would have got our kids a little mini motorbike, I was riding one at 6!

  3. Great pics!! I pulled over on the side of the road on Friday afternoon, and crawled under a locked gate to take some pics of sunflowers before they disappear!

  4. That looks like a lot of fun there and I too like to stop on the side of the road to take pics. I did this yesterday driving around more rural area here in NSW and was very careful looking down at my feet before I started shooting the sights. Lovely spot you live in Ally! Denyse

  5. Wow! Jealous of the gokart - what fun!!

  6. Oh we had one of those as a kid... so much fun! Thanks for sharing and linking up to the rabbit hole. Xx (Shannon@ my2morrows)

  7. Looks like fun! My husband would love to have one of those toys!


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