Thursday, February 18, 2016

Heart #fmy52weeksofmemories

Walking down the road and photographing the beautiful sunsets we get is one of those things I always want to do, but never do.

I set off, well on the way to three sheets to the wind, down the road with my camera.

This made my heart happy. To be down there, taking photos of the sunset. I'd like to do this every night, just to capture the changing seasons. Not likely to happen though, with two kids who like stay awake until after sunset, and a hubby who gets up before sparrows even think about farting, to go to work.

The following day we took the kids to have a try at horse riding. Summer was way to confident for my liking. I don't like horses, they make me nervous. I went for a beach ride once and didn't like it at all.

The kids however, loved it. Last night while I cuddled Izzy in bed, she said she wanted to do lessons *eyeroll*. It was all Brett's idea. Happy Saturday mornings Brett!

I almost didn't go, because, boring! But I tagged along, just to take photos of course. Guess what? There were hearts. Prompt done and dusted! I did take photos of Izzy, but of course, I was hungover and well the camera was on night time settings. The photos were way too bright. That'll teach me.

Valentine's Day morning I wasn't hungover. Just in a rush to make the kids next door some pressies. The boy next door is going to marry Izzy apparently, and the younger boy is quite smitten with Summer too. Ooooooooh!

Them being Superhero mad, we made suitable cards and even one for their sister for being such a cool friend. With nothing prepared earlier they got a piece of oat slice each, with a heart stuck on the packet. My printer is my saviour. I borrowed and downloaded the Greeting Card Maker software from the library once. It has been invaluable for birthdays and other occasions.

Home is where the wine heart is

It was all his idea.


  1. I'm freaked out by horses too. Last time I got on one I fell straight off the other side head first. Then my mother made me get back on it so she could take a photo. I was bawling my eyes out. Never got on another horse again haha and don't plan on it ever.

  2. What beautiful sunset pictures. I lo e how the colours change and every time you take a shot the colours get deeper and brighter....

  3. What gorgeous photos, and considering you were dusty the horsey ones are great. I don't trust equines, something about the way they look, they are shifty! xx

  4. I have to say horses aren't my favourite either ... they are an animal people like or don't. I think they look pretty in rural photos but am happy to keep my feet on the ground. Lovely sunset photos!


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