Friday, March 20, 2015

Sports day preparations

I turned up at 3:15 Thursday arvo last week, to pick up Izzy from school. I could hear the war cries of school kids, practising their songs for sports day. 

It was loud! 

I could just make out what they were yelling chanting. What I could make out was the word 'banksia'. Izzys team!

There is nothing like hearing the joined chants of a team song, to bring a feeling of pride and belonging, a feeling that swells in the middle of your gut. I couldn't see her, but I knew Izzy would have been there, practicing along with her team mates. I hope she was excited, and happy. She seemed to be when I mentioned it to her when she came out of class that day. They each had a piece of coloured paper, coordinating with their respective team colours.

 Banksia war cry 1

Banksia, we are the best
Banksia, will beat the rest
Banksia, we're fast in sprints
Tabloid games and long distance
Banksia, will be on top
Banksia, will never stop



Banksia war cry 2

Running down the sprint lane,
In first position,
We are the best team in the competition,
We run strong, jump long
Listen to our mighty song



Sports day is not for a week, Izzy is in the red team. If they keep up the loud chanting on sports day, I think I may need a panadol and a lay down afterwards, considering there will be three teams altogether yelling chanting at the same time! Come to think of it, she might too. I hate to think about the teachers. I wonder whether or not they look forward to sports day each year!

Whatever happens, I will be cheering on team Banksia, quietly though, with fingers crossed hoping they win the day!  Moreover, I hope Izzy has fun and is proud of her team mates, no matter how they go. 

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