Friday, March 20, 2015

A new use for baby wipes

For the last five and a bit years, I have used baby wipes every single day.

Now that Summer is toilet trained and wiping her own rear end, I still have a packet of wipes in my bag. They are still good for wiping dirty hands and faces. I have however found another great use for them, so I may not have to give the habit of, and the feeling of not being ready to stop, buying nappy wipes.

For the last week or so, I've been wearing make up, EVERY DAY! Who is this person?!

I guess I was inspired by Jess, and her post on #openslather, explaining her four and a half minute makeup routine. 

I used to wear makeup every day when I went to work. I haven't worked at any sort of job for just over three years, and well motherhood(which is a job in itself) and a busy life has just got in the way.

Now the girls are a bit older and I seem to have a morning routine pretty well down pat, I am getting about twenty minutes, sometimes less, to shower and now, put a face on.

At the moment the girls are my alarm clock, they wake up always about 7 am, so I get them dressed, put the kettle on, drink tea and make everyone's breakfast. I don't always get breakfast in this time. So it's usually fruit for me, something quick. I try to get in the shower about 8, and everything is dandy. When it is not dandy, a shit fight breaks out and one of them is crying down the hallway and totally ruins my peaceful drying time. This sees me traipse out, still wet, with a towel wrapped around me yelling bloody murder.

I find putting my make up on, easy to do, straight after I get dressed after my shower. And it is only taking me about five minutes! Maybe longer trying to get Izzy to leave my make up bag, the hell alone! Luckily this doesn't happen all that often. Mainly it is not in the morning, and other times when I catch her with a stool, trying to get the make up case down from the top of the wardrobe, where I have to stow it.

Some BB cream, a swipe of shadow, some mascara and lipgloss and I am ready to go.

In the attempt to not wake up with panda eyes, is where the baby wipes come in. Not only are they great for wiping crap from infant crevices, they are great for wiping makeup from ancient crevices, that being the lines and pores of my aging face!

Do you wear makeup much? How do you clean it off? Or do you go for the morning panda eyes look?


  1. I don't wear a lot of makeup these days but when i do i use makeup removal wipes, i guess they are just the same as baby wipes??

  2. A good use for them. They are also good for an emergency wipe down when power goes out and you want to feel a little cleaner or many other things. I shower at night so makeup comes off then, when I wear it. Something about putting on a little makeup just makes you feel pretty and girly.

  3. I love the new use of wipes, thanks for sharing this awesome and simple tip. They have kept wonderfully, and my skin enjoy changes much more with these soft and gentle wipes, whew!


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