Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February #52weeksofmemories

5. bedtime
My cheeky sods right before bed time, playing silly buggers.

6. feet
Us girls, feet up, watching the telly at the holiday house

The girls doing jig saw puzzles, before school. 

7. watching

Brett took the girls out to check the cray pots in Livingstons Bay, near Pelican Point. I stood and watched with the dog. I was the nervous mother on the beach watching my babies go out to sea! They had a great time!

8. on the floor

These two I took yesterday. One of Summer playing during the day, when she gets all the toys to herself.
The other, an after dinner puppet show, with puppets made from toilet rolls.


  1. They are little cuties Alicia! :-) xo

  2. love the family pics! what great memories :)

  3. It's very nerve wracking when kids go out to see! Love their cheeky faces x

  4. Thanks for linking up! Lovely way to capture monthly memories! :)


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