Friday, August 1, 2014

A date with a jetty.

My place in time #17 - Somewhere I used to visit as a kid

I knew early last week that I needed a day out on my own. I told Brett that Sunday I would be going out for the day, he would have to look after the girls. I've wanted to go fishing for ages, it's a bit hard to take the girls out on the jetty. Let's just say I wouldn't get much fishing done.

I didn't leave the house until almost half past ten, dropped into Mum's and borrowed her tackle box, because Bretts' was a shambles, and headed to Southend.

I grew up fishing here, with my family. We spent many a school holiday on the beach, on the jetty.

Gran used to be a gun fisher, well known as one too. Her and my Grandpa lived here.  Grandpa has been gone for just over 25 years, Gran still lives in Southend, but hasn't been out on the jetty for years. She prefers to perch on a pokie chair these days, much easier to get to with her wheelie walker. I fear her days of driving safely are numbered, she will most likely be moving into the old folks home in town soon.

I remember one night, under the lights in the bend of the jetty, we all went fishing. We caught a heap, hundreds of fish. Mum and I stayed up in the early hours of the morning, after the others had gradually gone to bed; scaling, filleting and bagging up fish for the freezer. I'd love to go fishing under the lights again, maybe when the nights aren't so freezing cold. I'd say that's a date to keep with myself.

Sunday turned out not the day, to catch fish. I had a few bites, but in the three hours I was there, I caught nothing but seaweed. I did take some photos though. 

I was smugly pleased when I arrived home to find Brett had been forced to dry reach his way through a shitty nappy. 

I was not so happy about having to come home to catch up on a day of washing. I even had a sook, because I felt like I had wasted my time going out, caught nothing and still had to come home and hang out washing, fill the clothes horse and fold dry washing, cook tea.. yada yada. I remember telling myself to not be so stupid, to be glad I got out in the first place. It didn't matter about the things I didn't get done.

Things I know - It's been a week since I went to the doctor for help with depression. Six nights, I've had a pill before going to bed. I can only just the last couple of days feel that things are changing, slowly. Still aways to go. I have an appointment with a mental health nurse in a couple of weeks, I am actually looking forward to it. 

Do you love fishing?
Where did you spend your school holidays as a kid?
Do you fond memories about a place you visited as a kid?

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  1. We were lucky as youngsters, with my parents having a holiday house on the coast. It was the best - a 30 minute long, hot walk to the beach, but we'd get to stay there all day, only stopping play for fish n chips. My dad would fish as well, so for me the harbour is a wonderful place as well, with lots of good memories. I love your photographs. X

    1. I think I was lucky too, having this place to hang out in school holidays. So many happy memories.

  2. That's a beautiful place to go fishing at. I haven't been in years! Hope to go again soon now.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. We'd spend our holiday up the coast on NSW. We'd always fish on the lake :) I love your photos!

  4. Oh sweetness, they say it takes two weeks for things to take effect, but glad to hear you're feeling a tad better. Yes you didn't catch anything, but you had a few hours of peace. Whenever I go away I come back to a bombsite as well. I often think it's almost easier to NOT go away. But the silence and serenity is worth it. Hugs xx Oh and fab pics xx

  5. I am a terrible fisher person but I would do it for time on my own. I really miss time on my own.... I hope things continue to improve xox

    1. The funny thing was I needed time on my own. But for a second out there, I wished I had some company!

  6. The time out is worth it no matter what is waiting at home. Time to yourself, time to relax and not worry about anything but what you want to do. This looks like a lovely place.

  7. I have never loved fishing, but am married to a fishing enthusiast, so I've learned to tolerate it.
    I'm glad you got the time out, and I hope that medication continues to kick in for you. Xxx

  8. I don't particularly enjoy fishing but my parents LOVE it! They always seem so refreshed and full of beans after a trip. This jetty sits in amazing part of the world! x

  9. we used to go fishing down at the creek on our farm a lot when we were younger but I never really liked it because Dad used to get up us to be quiet all the time saying that we were scaring the fish away...and then there was the time I got a fishing hook stuck in my leg.... Beautiful photos!

    1. Oh gosh, I've had a hook stuck in my knee. There were some dreadful jokes bandied around the ER that day.

  10. Sending you as much virtual support as I can. I hope things are continuing to improve for you.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome childhood memories.


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