Friday, May 30, 2014

Frozen mail

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One thing I know this morning is I have two happy little girls.

The girls were so excited, I had told them to expect some special Frozen mail, and yesterday it arrived. The shirts were worn straight away, and even slept in!

I hadn't realised how many times they had watched that movie until I heard Izzy singing 'For the first time in forever' quietly in her room.

We skyped with my niece and her husband last night, who are currently in Greece. Izzy and Summer love those two, it's the first time they had ever skyped and the first time they had seen and talked to Ben and Bon since early March. Summer took great pleasure in singing 'let it go, let it go, let it go'. like a stuck record and they loved it. 
I actually only saw the movie in it's entirety the other day, I had never watched the whole thing which isn't anything new. There are few movies lately that I have the opportunity to watch without interruption. 

I know that may change tonight. My SIL is having the girls so Brett and I can have a night to ourselves. The movies maybe? I have to laugh, I think we will be at a loss as what to do! We haven't had a night out by ourselves for donkeys.

What awesome stuff has come in the mail for you lately?
What do you do on a kids free night?
Has Frozen infiltrated itself into your life?


  1. My daughter loves Frozen but I only had to watch it once - she's watched it on the plane (a few times) and talks about it a lot....

  2. My youngest boy has seen Frozen but I haven't had the pleasure. He's not obsessively into it, so I've been spared so far. Gorgeous photo.

  3. Those gorgeous girls are the absolute spitting image of you. I have not seen Frozen yet and hopefully never will!! We are obsessed with Planes and can't wait for Planes 2 to come out so we can go to the movies!!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  4. Oh, that's so cute. I don't have kids but keep hearing about Frozen so think I'm gonna have to be visiting a friend when they're next watching it!


  5. It's such a great movie. Gosh, your girls are cuties!


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