Thursday, May 1, 2014

#100HappyDays Week2

Thursday - We were kicking the ball in the driveway. Izzy decided it was funny to be falling over onto the grass. We all laughed at each other.

Friday, Anzac Day. I enjoyed a cup of tea and some telly while Brett entertained the girls.

Saturday - My dinner. I've begun eating much healthier, I felt my whole self needed it. I am feeling much better.

Sunday - We got out in the sunshine, I don't think it's around for much longer.
We met some mothers group friends for a picnic at the playground.

Monday - Summer in all her cuteness and a short bob hairdo, after her first
haircut. I took a lolly snake in my purse, just as well, because the hairdresser
had run out of lollypops. I snuck it to Amelia so she could give it to Summer
after her haircut, she was excellent for her first one.

Tuesday - More sunshine. Out the back hanging out with Summer in the back yard.
I'm having a swing. It poured all morning and the night before. It was our first raining
drop off for kindy this year. I have since bought an umbrella for the car.

Wednesday - Yesterday Izzy wanted to play pass the parcel. She helped me
wrap up some of her small toys in newspaper. We had four parcels. She grabbed my
phone, put on some music and we played. I didn't win anything.

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life
Being Thankful for happy times in my day with Rhianna


  1. precious memories made there.. and all so very good things to be thankful for!!

  2. I do love this way of sharing thanks. Especially since it keeps you thinking about it the whole week long. Boo to disappearing sunshine. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way lovely

    1. It's pouring now and forecast 15C the next two days, I am so not ready for this weather!

  3. Beautiful pics of your girls. Summer's bob is ridiculously cute too! Boo to you not winning at pass the parcel, it must have been rigged lol!

    1. I think so, with Izzy controlling when the music stopped! At least she let her sister win twice :)

  4. Such lovely memories and beautiful pics x

  5. Love this. Simple but precious memories.


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