Monday, February 10, 2014

Southend Jetty

My place in time #35 - The view from somewhere high up

Friday I took the kids for a drive to the beach. The weather didn't quite seem as warm as it was supposed to be, so we didn't venture to the beach.

The kids got to get out and do something different, and they needed it. They were beginning to drive me crazy at home. I got to sit and drive for some time out for the 20 minute drive from home with the stereo pumping.

We drove up around the point at Southend and looked over the ocean at Cape Buffon and the jetty lookout area. It was then off to 'Slip's Inn', the local shop/bottlo/servo for some ice cream and home.

They lobster season runs from October to the end of May. These guys must have gotten their quota already and are bringing in their pots.

Pretty paper flowers up at the lookout


  1. Such beautiful photos! Yes I agree this hot weather has been driving me insane with my baby daughter and it would be lovely to get out for a nice "outdoorsy" day like this!

  2. What a magical place to explore with your little ones. I love to do things like this but it's a matter of getting my husband out of the house, he just loves to laze around and I'm the explorer! Great photography too.

  3. What a stunning spot! I particularly like that last pic of the water thru the shrubbery, lovely composition and colours :)

  4. Beautiful photos- what camera do you use? Do you do fancy DSL stuff? The views are spectacular. Your children are ADORABLE!


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