Monday, February 3, 2014


Over the Australia Day long weekend, I was introduced to a great game called Klop

A friend had made her own version with logs from the wood heap, probably from garden cleanups. There are 12 pegs and a spare for using as a throwing peg.

It's claimed to have come from the forests of Finland and the 'klop' sound, made by hitting the pegs, broke the silence of the forest and in turn scared away the bears.

For two players or more, the first person to reach exactly 50 points wins. If the score goes over 50, that players score goes back to 25.

If you don't hit any pegs, three times in a row, you're out of the game.

The players stand at a mark, 3-4 metres back and throw a peg(the chuck) underarm at the set up pegs. If one peg is knocked over, the score is the number on that peg. If more than one is knocked over, the score is one point for each peg knocked down.

The pegs are stood back up where the fall.

It is available to buy, and the rules downloadable from the Klop website link above, it's lots of fun, and easy to play. A drink on hand doesn't go astray either, and after a few, the game becomes even more interesting.

Fun for all the family. Izzy did excellently, I on the other hand, was crap!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun...and cheap to make! Love the added alcohol factor/handicap :)

    1. It may have been a handicap for me, maybe that's why I was so crap! She's so clever, better than paying the 50 odd bucks for the real thing.

  2. Klop! I love it! It would be great when camping :)

  3. Seems like a lot of fun...and gets the kids away from screens and actually outdoors!

    1. It was a beautiful afternoon to be outside learning and playing a new game :)

  4. Now that looks like a great yard game.


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