Monday, June 24, 2013

Five things to have instead of a biscuit binge

Some of you may remember me babbling on about trying to lose weight. Well it worked somewhat. I lost 9 kilos, but put four back on. I am extremely shit at keeping it off, so I'm on the 'stop eating crap' bandwagon ....again.

So what's my downfall. It's not chocolate, I am not much of a chocoholic, I don't keep a stash in the house, but I wouldn't say no. 

I do like potato chips. And ice cream. But I don't have them much. Hubby likes to have them, it seems it's becoming a usual Friday night thing, and I try to stay away, sometimes badly.

My achilles heel of keeping the chub at bay, is the biscuit barrel. It's there, right in front of me when I open the pantry door, and awfully easy and convenient to twist off the lid and grab a quick snack. Just not 5 times in a row!

Five or six goes of the biscuit barrel, depending on the type of biscuit, could equate to a whole meal. Not good. Not good when there is no nutritional value and just about all those calories are from fat and sugar. 

Hoping I can practice what I preach, here's five alternatives to the dreaded 3 pm biscuit binge.

  1. Get out of the kitchen, away from the pantry and take a bottle of water. Drink it.
  2. Grab some fruit. Apple, orange, pear, watermelon. Keep the fruit bowl stocked.
  3. Eat a carrot, or cut it up with celery, cucumber, capsicum. Use cottage cheese for a dip, if plain vegies are too boring.
  4. A tub of yogurt. Try some chia seeds mixed through. (Try it, you'll like it). 
  5. Nibble on a healthy handful of nuts and seeds, like almonds and pepitas.

Take your time. Chew. Appreciate the flavour, texture. Sit, let it settle. 

What do you do when your 3pm cravings set in? What is your diet undoing?


  1. I'm not so much into the biscuits, but chocolate (inc nutella on toast) is my weakness. I'm with you on the fruit. Get a banana into you to keep the hungries at bay!

  2. Funnily enough bikkies and cakes aren't my weakness. Chocolate and cheese are!

  3. Chocolate is my down fall. My cravings are at around 9pm. Which is pretty bad as there is no walking it off at 9pm - it turns into fat in my sleep.

  4. Biscuits are my weakness! Great tips! Now, to set some in action.

  5. The only way I can NOT eat those kinds of things is to NOT have them in the house. Period. It's like they are calling me to them from the kitchen! Congrats on the weight loss!


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