Monday, June 10, 2013

My place in time. A photo challenge.

I have recently found a great photography project to take on. I really enjoyed doing Chantelle's photo a day last year(taking a break this year). I am so glad Carmen shared the link on twitter, for the My place in time photo challenge, otherwise I would have been none the wiser. 

It's a photographic local history log of 100 photos, set by Kell at Blackcurrant

“It’s important to capture reality. To tell the truth. To come back with a piece of history” – Stephen DuPont

It feels good to be excited about doing another photography project, and even more excited about printing the final product in book format! That is truly something to look forward to.

“A photographer’s responsibility is to come back with images that will tell a story” – Stephen DuPont


  1. What a fantastic idea! Have added your blog to our 'worth casing' list and looking forward to linking up again next week.

  2. Hi Alicia!! I always admire beautiful photos but have never had luck myself, that is until this past weekend when I really concentrated and made myself proud lol!

  3. Cant wait to see the finished project!!


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