Friday, December 28, 2012

Darn dog!

So maybe we forgot how much puppies like to chew.
 Nothing is sacred.

 Don't dare leave your shoes outside!

 Don't dare try to tie me up!

Meanwhile the actual dog toys remain unscathed!

Last week the silly dog got out, how is still a mystery, well, it was my fault, but keep it just between you and me, yeah? Buzz ended up in the pound and cost $45 to be set free. Another $20 to register and $65 for his second immunisations!! Brett was not impressed and made suggestions that we leave him at the pound! Not this little black duck chook! I responsibly marched down there and paid for him to be released(money transferred from Bretts account of course*insert big smirk*).


  1. Ohhhhhhh boy!!! Lucky it's a cute little doggy!!

  2. Your phone is a lot cheaper than ours. Glad Buzz is home safe and sound now.

  3. Oh gosh! My dog dug out and ran out but sadly was never found :( She was a rescue dog though and was always trying to get away from us to "go home". The fines are such a pain!

  4. That is hilarious - reminds me of why we haven't got a puppy yet! Not to mention we aren't rural (like I was growing up)! Emily

  5. LOL, we used to have a go that chewed everything too. Naughty scoundrel that he was. Miss him like cray now, though


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