Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween has never been a big deal with me in the past, it's not something that has come into my radar at all. It was only last year that a few kids came knocking on my door dressed in their spooky and scary costumes. I was totally unprepared and had limited things to give them.

I suppose learning about it at school was the reason, and the only one I can think of, that saw the rise in interest. Our local woolies has a vast array of merchandise this year, the first time I have seen it featured before so heavily. The cheap shop has gone nuts with it too, obviously cottoning on to the increase in participants. I admired the cool stuff they had for sale, and bought some witches fingers, draculas teeth, chocolate coins and cheap lollipops, to put in these little baskets I printed off and made. 

I joined in on the list of 'friendly' houses that a lady compiled in our town, which I thought was an awesome idea, and waited for the kids. They came, not as many as I expected but, I gave away about 16 of these little baskets.  I loved seeing the kids in their costumes, and loved that some of the parents dressed up too. I really enjoyed participating and it's all about the kids.

These dudes were cool. Their masks cracked me up.

I made these biscuits too, I saw them on Kidspot and thought they were the coolest thing ever! 

My mum (who I love to bits) posted this on facey, and I replied. 

I agree.Halloween is a load of crap. Who would let their children go door to door seeking trick or treats .Dope cookies and god know what they could come across.I once nearly got my ankle torn off just walking passed someones rottweiller.

geez Mum, hows the view from your high horse. I loved having the kids come round, there is a lady that makes a list of friendly houses participating and I was in that. Saves kids wasting time knocking on horrible peoples doors and eating dope cookies! Might take Izzy on the rounds next year :P

How was your halloween?


  1. I like the little baskets you made, and the mummy fingers!

  2. Those finger bikkies look terrific Alicia. I love how you went down the home-made route. Well done!

  3. that's are great idea about the house list. We don't do anything, and I think if we were, we would have to contact the neighbours before hand!

  4. Hello from FYBF! We do something similar in our cul de sac. My neighbour and I send round a letter and a balloon and people who choose to hang out the balloon and the kids go there. It works really well, the kids love it... they ate far too many lollies htough, hate to say.

  5. Those biscuits are fabulous! I saw them on Kidspot too but haven't attempted them. I think I'll pop one in Miss8's lunchbox next week just to freak her out ;)

  6. You did a great job and went to so much effort, so congrats. I know there are a lot of people out there who have issues with Halloween (I am definitely NOT one of them - we went for it BIG time this year with decorations!!)

    We had over 100 children visit our door, so those biscuits and baskets would have gone very fast!!

    Thx for sharing,
    (via FYBF)

  7. I love it! I also saw those fingers on kidspot but put them in the too hard basket. Looking at your pics made me regret it. They look great!

  8. Oh, those fingers are freaky!!!
    And well done on the effort you put in for the baskets. Bet the kids loved those!

  9. The fingers look awesome.
    We live out of town so we didn't get any T or T . I love the list of friendly houses - what a great idea.


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