Friday, June 14, 2019

ICAD 2019 - Week 1

Just like the last time I took part in the Index Card a Day challenge, I am letting the daily prompts lead my creativity each day.

Title card for 2019

I used an old calendar picture of the Tantanoola cottage gardens for the background. Drew a picket fence, complete with letter box and gate on plain paper, then used a stanley knife for cutting out.

Lyric from the Peppermint twist song painted onto card

I achieved this fabulous colour by finely slicing a beetroot and dragging it across the card. Then grating the beetroot to make the pattern. 
Watercolour paint. I splotched on some runny paint on the top half of the card, then folded it to make a reflected impression.
Fine sharpie and red texta. 
There's a palette of autumn leaves in the garden. I picked some and drew them in 6B pencil onto autumny coloured paint chips, then glued to index card.

Watercolour paint. I used black for 'cherry baby', then wiped the paint off so it faded. I found some of the kids stencils among the mess that is their play shelves and added the cherries.

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  1. What a great job - you've made some lovely cards. I like the reflection in watercolour. It's lovely!

  2. Don't you love what ICAD brings out in us? Some ideas that we may never have thought of. Love seeing your cards. A part of me still wants to follow prompts but the other part wants to go down the different media path I chose. But being ICAD I can always change my mind!! Denyse

  3. Lovely cards. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!



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