Friday, March 8, 2019

Escaping the heat

Last Friday was the first day of autumn, it was by no means a typical autumn day.

The temperature gauge peaked at 41 degrees. It was decided the best place we could be for dinner was the beach. We packed the ute with all we needed and set of for a bbq at Southend. Our neighbours joined in, it seemed every man and his dog were there.

I couldn't think of a better place to be.

How do you escape the heat? 

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  1. That firey sunset looks worth it - but 41? ouch!!

  2. That 41 degrees is just rubbish isn't it? SA seems to have copped a lot of the heat. The sunset pics sure give an indication of the weather. Glad you are back and will spread the word too! Happy New Day For Open Slather...and International Womens Day!
    Denyse x

  3. I thought I commented but maybe forgot a section. If this is a double up then delete.

    great to have you back on the link up trail and Friday is always a good idea I reckon.

    Will spread the word too.

    Denyse x

  4. Just beautiful! I wish I had that nearby. We're off to NSW for a week at Merimbula on Sunday. Plenty of beaches and oysters there. x

    1. I've always wanted to go to Merimbula! It's on the list. Enjoy, we're heading to the holiday house for a couple on nights :)

  5. Oh what a great way to spend the day! Thee photos are beautiful. I need some sunshine and warmth in this perpetual winter where I exist!


  6. Looks like such a wonderful time. Great photos.

  7. The sunset is spectacular but 41C is too hot. Where I live, the season is transitioning from winter to spring. High is 7C today with rain so it washed away much of the snow we had on the curbs.

  8. These are such great shots Alicia and I'm so glad I've found your link up via Denyse's Life this week. It's funny when autumn can feel hotter than a summer's day isn't it? Only in Australia! I live in Tumbarumba a small rural town in NSW so I understand the heat :) I'm sharing my IWD post from Friday with you as my first entry here.


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