Monday, January 21, 2019

Haybale views

Last week we had a break at the beach house in Pelican Point. Well tried, it's nice to be at the beach, but it's a bit like...same shit, different house. Hence my absence last Monday. I did try to post using the internet on my phone, but no success.

The house has been pretty well booked out since before Christmas, we took the opportunity to stay while we can! I've been busy coming and going cleaning and changing linen too, even Christmas morning. It's been hectic.

Every time I saw these views on the way, on the Tantanoola/Kongorong road, I have said many times I should stop, I wish I had the camera. 

Well I made the point of stopping this time.  I am so glad I stopped, because a week later they are gone, and the paddock harvested and flat.

We were treated with an amazing sunset on the first night. Pelican Point was showing off, as we had friends drop in for a BBQ dinner after exploring the beaches.


  1. Such amazing views and yes, best to stop isn't it when you see the subjects for the photo there! As you found out.

  2. Oh wow, the haybale photos are so serene. And how magnificent is that sunset! Just gorgeous!

  3. Oh wow...check out those sunset photos!!! They are all beautiful pics but I have a soft spot for sunsets and sunrises!~=

  4. These photos need to be framed and them. Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek and the optional prompt for next time is: 4/51. What Is Hope? 28/1/19. Denyse


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