Monday, January 7, 2019

As the sun set on 2018

We headed to Southend in the afternoon, driving along the beach to find a spot not too windy. The go kart was unloaded first, then the beach mat, chairs and esky were put in position.

We were ready to say goodbye to 2018.

It was a beautiful day and we couldn't have had it any better. Dinner was cooked on the back tray of the ute, on our camping bbq, sausages and lamb chops. So Australian. With bread and sauce.

Friends joined us. The kids searched for white currants on the bushes in the dunes, close to where we trudged over for toilet trips. They rode the go kart along the beach, the other beach goers, amused by the sight. The surf was perfect as they swam and dug in the sand.

The sunset was beautiful, the beach full of holiday makers, doing the same thing as us. Saying goodbye to another year. Camp fires dotted the coastline, as darkness came and we waited to watch the  early fireworks, across the bay at Beachport.

Then it came time to pack up and head home. We never made midnight, after a tiring day at the beach.


  1. Oh what a wonderful way to say good bye to 2018! Beautiful photos. Wishing you all the best in 2019!

  2. That's the perfect way to end the year....and we rarely make it until midnight either. Heck, it's just a certain hour, and you had the best fun during the time you were awake!

  3. Such gorgeous sunset photos!! I like the idea of open slather, might join in #lifethisweek

  4. Beautiful photos, what an amazing way to end the year.

    All the very best to a wonderful 2019!

    Farmers Wifey

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  6. Such a wonderfully Aussie way to say goodbye to one year and welcome the next. You have made some great memories here Alicia. Thank you for linking up to the first week of 51 for #lifethisweek in 2019. Next week, the optional prompt is “Word, Intention,Nothing” …I have all three (joke!) and will blog over the weekend about why. Denyse

  7. Best way to spend NYE I think! Happy New Year Alicia! Hope 2019 is a good one


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