Monday, February 5, 2018

Let's go to the zoo!

I returned to work last week, with Term 1 of Kindergym at the gymnastics club.

One good thing about this job, I don't have work in the school holidays. I do know what teachers go through now though, with all the extra work and preparation that goes unnoticed.

This terms' theme I decided on was "Let's go to the zoo". Lots of amimal themed activities and locomotive movements-
  • swinging on bars, like monkeys
  • tip toes, reaching up tall like a giraffe on the beam
  • Balancing like elephants on a piece of 'string', which will probably be a rope on the floor
  • sliding like snakes
  • kangaroo jumping in hoops
  • leaping like frogs on felt lillipads
  • galloping over jumps like horses
  • feeding hungry alligators
  • crawling through tunnels like a wombat
  • bear, crab and spider walks
  • rabbit bunny hops in hoops
  • rolling down slopes like crocodiles rolling(log rolls)
  • rolling down slopes like echidnas (egg rolls)
  • penguin walks on double beams
We have a great gym here in Millicent, loads of fantastic equipment and space.

I do have to make a few things to go with the terms theme though, and thank goodness for google and the amazing crafters that share how to make stuff. I have found a wealth of ideas to help me.

Seahorse made out of pool noodle. I use this for an ocean theme too.

Elephants out of paper plates

Felt lilly pads for frog leaping, this was made by my predecessor who left at the end of last year.

Alligator made from a box. Beanbags for feeding. I also use this one for my Pete the Cat themed class. In the books, Pete the cat has an alligator friend who is always hungry. 

Jump over the snake
Rope ladder climbing between the parallel bars. Watch out for lions!

Weaving through cones and over jumps

I sat up last night and made some zebras to hang up. Some binoculars(not shown) from toilet rolls too, to find animals. This helps kids explore all of the gym, and maybe they might have a go on something they normally wouldn't.


  1. This looks so much fun - I want to go! Love the pool noodle!

  2. Such a fun theme, I bet the kids will love it! Great crafting too!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. That looks great - love the zedbras. You must get a kick out of the kids delight!

  4. The zoo is a very fun theme. Love the crafts you've made. Hope you're enjoying your work.

  5. Clever and creative teacher! I loved this. You so need to consider making a career from this...ok, no more nagging. Denyse xx

    1. The creativity is certainly getting a workout. I still need to find some good animal themed cool down songs. I seem to have a lot of littler children this year, so need something with a little less actions.

    2. Look on the PlaySchool website from ABC TV...that would be my first place to find more. D xx

  6. Your KinderGym classes look like such good fun!

    I don't rememebr my kids classes having any such props!


  7. Oh my goodness! The pool noodle sea horse though! How cute!


  8. Loved your zoo day - so creative. Loved the noodle seahorse.

  9. Oh my goodness...looks like so much fun! You are so creative! :D


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