Monday, July 10, 2017

Five crafty activites to keep kids busy these school holidays

Our school holidays here in SA have just started. Two whole weeks to try and not hate my kids company by the end of it! If the weather is crap I need to be prepared with things for them to do.

All you need to do all of these crafts is a printer stacked with a lot of paper, colouring pencils or textas, glue and your blinders on to the mess that might ensue! 

Busy kids are happy kids I say! Here's a few of the things I am preparing and printing out, so I am ready for when they say "I'm bored". Or in the case of my lovely girls, before they start picking on each other, hair pulling, or stage a fight bigger than last weeks welterweight world title bout. 

LET'S GET READY TO MAKE SHIIIIIIIT! Yes I did just slide that in... or in the case of my kids, who love cutting and making stuff with paper, replace shit with mess. Same diff really.

Fold a doll's house from Kate at Picklebums. I know my girls are going to love this one. This was Isabel's effort over the weekend.

Flextangles from Ana at Babble Dabble Do. This may be the very thing to keep those idle fingers busy these holidays, a certain rival for fidget spinners. It is amazing they way that they work. If you're kids are keen Pokemon fans they will love these  Pokemon evolution flextangles!

Toilet Paper tube puppets is one of my go to holiday activities. Toilet roll tubes are something we have a never ending supply of and there are tons of different designs. How do you like my toilet roll tooth fairy?

Twirly fish by Piikea Street. They really twirl when dropped from a height. If you have a few paper plates handy, these paper plate fish are EASY to make too. 

Over the last christmas holidays I printed out a christmas themed bingo game for the girls. They love it and still play any old time of the year. I have laminated the cards so they last longer. DKTK  have a Bingo card generator so you can let the kids design and print out their own game, which will hopefully keep them busy so you can sit down with a nice cup of tea.

I had forgotten all about the game of paddicks I posted back in 2014, so you get a bonus to keep the kids occupied. 

It involves each person take turns connecting the dots on a page with a line. When a box is formed, the player puts their initial in the box. When the page is full of 'paddicks', the player with the most formed is the winner.There is a printable page available to save you having to draw all those dots!

How do you keep your kids happy in the holidays? I might need some extra ideas!


  1. I love these crafty ideas especially the toilet roll one. Wish my son was more into making things, but I did come prepared with a list of activities we can do and places we can visit. And so begins the school holidays!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. I am looking forward to going to the library on Friday, they have Trolls movie inspired craft activities on. And we can leave the mess there!

  2. What a great roundup! I Pin so much and then forget to make any of it!

    1. Oh me too. I have been looking for inspiration from Pinterest lately for my Kindergym classes. Have found some beauties for this term's theme of 'Under the sea'. Must share it.

  3. They look great, Alicia! The good old toilet rolls, there's so much you can do with them! We're not allowed to use them at school anymore though. I'm enjoying my holidays out of the classroom, lots to do and have fun with as well. (:

    1. I am liking the easiness of my mornings, no pressure to go anywhere. The good thing is, Kindergym doesn't run in the holidays either!
      We have plenty of toilet rolls, and I love these toilet roll people, it is a shame they can't be used in school, hygiene and all. Some fab ideas. It was the same for our kindy last year, understandable though, but then they don't make antibacterial soap for nothing. I do believe some of the worst germs are shared and caught at childcare, despite the toilet roll :O ;)

  4. Thank you for sharing these easy craft ideas! We are two weeks into summer break and the whining of "I'm bored" is already driving me bonkers!



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