Monday, July 31, 2017

Rail lands, Mount Gambier for kids

I love what Mount Gambier has done with their old rail lands. It is amazing, in particular the nature playground they have created. Kids love it!

I love that they have retained most of the old buildings and incorporated the railway tracks into the landscaping design. 

There are some wonderful sculptures throughout, my favourites are the stumpy tail lizard by Ant Martin, and the animals carved into the rocks amongst the man made creek. Sam Wass' limestone carvings, the frog and wombat are highlights too.

There's an onsite cafe, to keep the coffee lovers happy and the Wehl Street Homestyle bakery right next to the park with a shopping centre on the other side. I actually took the kids into the shopping centre, bought Wendys for lunch and they ate it in the rail lands. 

Mount Gambier has some fantastic play areas for kids, this is one of our new favourites. 

I wish our council would do something fabulous like this with our rail lands.


  1. What a lovely park!! That's gorgeous with the riverstones and old buildings...

  2. Oh I've seen that wall art before but never knew where it was!

  3. What an incredible park! We'd love to try that one. Love those big ants.

  4. I so love two things about this post: 1. you are out and about doing lots of photography 2. I learn so much about your part of Australia when I see posts from you! Love, D xx

  5. Very innovative for sure, and some wistful looks from your girls!

  6. I love the transformation of spaces over the years from derelict to useful! So much of that is happening in our little suburb at the moment, too.

  7. My son would love to play there! Looks like fun :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  8. Looks like an awesome use of the space... great photos also!


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