Monday, April 10, 2017

Homegrown hen scratchings

It's five o'clock in the morning. 

I went to bed at ten thirty last night and slept like a dream until Brett's alarm went off at two thirty. After that it was game over sleepwise, my brain would not turn off and I was waking every half an hour. 

The last month of Mondays I've been turning up to the gymnastics hall and taking part in Kindergym and the following Tiny Tot classes, to complete my twenty hours of training for my Intermediate coaching course. Thank goodness I don't have that today. I think I will go back to bed after school drop off.

I have been scouring the internet for transport action songs (the theme for Kindergym next term). I find myself printing out and laminating stuff to use in classes too. Who am I becoming?! It's all very exciting. 

Some of the craziness of the last few months, has settled down and I was so keen to get out into the garden last week.

Jack be little pumpkins, which a little more like a squash to eat.

I've pulled up some of the summer veggies, like the cucumbers, eggplants, pumpkins and purple potatoes. The tomatoes will be next to go, just waiting for a few of the stragglers to ripen up.

The purple spuds I have growing in pots. When they are ready, after the plants have flowered and died down, I just tip the pot out in the wheelbarrow and pick all the spuds out. I put all the dirt back in the pot with some of the smaller spuds, and the process starts again.

Roasted summer veg, with lentils and yogurt. My lunch yesterday. Yum yum!

They're not the prettiest spuds, but I like to grow them! I just plain LOVE growing and eating my own food full stop.

I've been planting new stuff like broccoli, silverbeet, lettuce and parsley.

The sweet peas, snow peas, beetroot, carrot and broad bean seeds have been dropped in the ground. With the crazy amount of rain we got yesterday, they should be plumping up big and fat, ready to shoot to life. Better get the snail bait ready. Which reminds me, I have to go shopping at some stage today. Sigh.

The kid who won't eat tomato if I put it on her plate, but will attack a tomato as big as her head that someone else grew in thier garden.



  1. You almost don't need to go shopping with all your homegrown vegies! How wonderful!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. I envy your veggie garden! My rabbits demolish anything we plant in the backyard. I'm now considering planting some veggies in the front yard! I'm missing my homegrown stuff! It always tastes better than shop bought veggies!


    1. A front yard veggie patch is a great idea, I once saw a front yard in suburban Sydney with a front yard full of chillies! i tuck in veggies here and there in spots amongst the flower garden

  3. One more week (well it is a short one) till your kids are on hols. Gosh it has flown in so many ways. I am loving your updates about your role with the Gym. Awesome!! Thank you for your link up...and we did some garden refreshing yesterday and the snail bait came out. Rained last night too. D xx

  4. Your garden sounds divine!
    I have been investing time and money into our own garden lately and we are all enjoying watching things grow.

  5. Jealous of your fabulously productive garden! Fingers crossed my back yard will be filled and ready for gardens at the beginning of May (we've only been in a state of limbo thanks to the local council, for about THREE YEARS!). I have beans, zucchini, mint and shallots in pots at the moment but that's about it, looking forward to having a proper vege patch again!

  6. PS I have linked up with a post from my "other" blog this week!

    1. I was so blonde yesterday - forgot to turn comments on! :-(

  7. I wish I could figure out how to grow veggies without the extra bugs they invite, our crops always get devoured!

    1. You'll have to look into companion planting. The snails seem to get mine, especially when the plants are young. The white butterflies lay their eggs on brassicas moslty that turn into devouring little caterpillars!

  8. To be honest I've never tried in gusto to grow vege garden here, but I feel the climate isn't as conducive - well that's my excuse! Happy school holidays ;) xx


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