Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Block of chocolate day, block of chocolate day.....

I can always tell when my time of the month is witching it's way around. I am always a little precious, and by nine oclock in the morning, I have usually sat on my bed and had a bit of a sook. 

One of the kids favourite shirts is in the wash, they've said 'Mum' sixty times already,  and they're unconsolable because they've dropped their breakfast on the floor. Give me a fucking break!

Combine this with shopping day and it's not hard to toss a block of dark chocolate into the trolley, just in case. 

Yesterday, that block of Cadbury Old Gold rum and raisin dark chocolate, didn't see the end of the day. Fair enough I gave Summer two squares, she actually liked it, but I ate the rest. I am sure it will put in good stead when I am bleeding like a stuck pig tomorrow. I hope.

If you ask me, every parenting room, and public ladies toilet should have one of those glass 'break in case of emergency' cabinets on the wall, with a glowing block of luscious brown goodness. Publicly funded of course, as part of a new Mental Health Act. With a box of top shelf tampons included. And maybe six million dollars. (Pushing it now).

Like the equivalent of the government Health Care card you qualify for in the birthing unit. 

"Congratulations on the birth of your new baby, here's 18 years supply of wine and chocolate, along with a lifetime membership to the loony assylum. Thank you for populating the nation".

It reminds me of a song my daughter sings, Two banana day. When asked where they heard it, I realise my kids watch way too much You Tube. They reply (like duh!), Big Block Sing Song.

I swap the words out for 'Block of Chocolate day' or 'bottle of wine day'. 

At least they seem to have moved past unveiling surprise eggs and Ollie (ugggghhhh. Don't go there). 

They've found Just Dance clips which is all sorts of gorgeous to watch (mental health restored).

My favourite quip in the mornings, if it's a bad one it's, "I'll be requiring wine tonight!".

I am astounded at my resilience at not buying said wine. By bed time I am scalding myself at the fact I did not buy wine. I really am not an alcoholic. Friday and Saturday may stand up in court to rebuke that.

I will deny everything. They are obviously childless and single.

And just like that, holy shitballs, I have a Tuesday blog post.
#IBOT  been a while!


  1. I love this! "Friday and Saturday may stand up in court to rebuke that." I want to steal it for a story. So funny!

  2. Chocolate makes everything better! I love your idea of a in case of emergency chocolate cabinet!


  3. Ha I'm childless and single and suspect I eat more chocolate and drink more wine as a result! Cos I can and cos there's nothing else to do!

    I'm a lover of plain Cadbury's chocolate!

  4. I could smash back a block in minutes, I'm clever like that! xx

  5. A block of chocolate a day - yes! Well needed most days I say.

  6. I cannot eat chocolate :( I have to settle for the wine instead. :)

  7. Not a big chocolate lover here, but WINE, oh my heart <3 <3

  8. Chocolate and wine are seriously my best friends :)

  9. Chocolate is a mandatory item for all contingencies in this household.

  10. That is a brilliant idea for the parenting room. How delghtful. There would be a lot of glass breaking. Perhaps a machine with an endless supply would be better, similar to a drink machine. Hope you get lots of chocolate for Christmas.


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