Monday, December 12, 2016

An eventful weekend at the Point

We've just spent another weekend at the holiday house. Getting in, before the rush of holiday renters over the busy summer months.

The new artwork I made from wooden slats has been hung, wine drunk and sunset walks on the beach had.

The kids has so much fun looking for seaweed pods and blue bottles to pop on our after dinner walks. 

My highlight was finding fishing worms with my mum and the girls on Saturday at Blackfellows Caves. Awesome bonding time. Mum enjoyed it too, passing down knowledge that her Mum had taught her. We are now expertly advised about how to find the best fishing worms in the region! 

We entertained on the Saturday in our new outdoor space, built by Brett, with some help from family and friends. I stayed out of it mostly, to save argument. If you had ever seen us putting up a tent or an annex on a caravan, it was probably for the best!

I am so happy how it has come together.

I feel like my eyes are hanging out of my head this morning, as Brett did something to his neck and spent a good part of Saturday night in the ER at Mount Gambier. He's all good for now. Thankfully our visitors stayed overnight with the kids. 

A nurse found me a bed to sleep in, and managed to get a couple of hours sleep, missing all the action and drama of a busy weekend night in emergency. Apparently it was colourful. Can I just say that hospital blankets straight from the warmer are absolutely underated, and much appreciated, with a cup of tea at midnight.

Driving home at half past three in the morning, I hit my first roo. Terrible experience, the car survived with out any damage (big bullbar). We almost made it home without hitting one. They were everywhere at that time of the morning. 

It would have been nice to have a less eventful weekend, these things seem to happen right when I don't them to, keeping me on my already tired toes.

Hoping for a quiet lead up to Christmas, I need a break!


  1. Wow - big weekend. Hope everything gets smooth from here.
    The holiday house looks amazing and so comfortable.

  2. oh my goodness! That sounds so very stressful! As for hitting the roo - we once drove home from the snow at 3am and I was amazed at how many roos and wombats were wandering around. It was like a zoo!!

  3. Eventful much!! Gosh what a weekend of contrasts. Hoping for a very, very quiet if. It's the last week of school. I am glad your hub is OK. I have had a roo hit the side of my car in the daytime..scary!! Take care of you for a bit today please!!

  4. Oh no, I hope next weekend is much more relaxing for you. I'd be so freaked out and upset if I hit a roo. Hope your hubby is on the mend!

  5. oh my goodness! I hope next weekend is a bit less stressful for you!

  6. Bloody hell woman what are you trying to do to yourself? I wish you a very boring uneventful Xmas! With wine and lots of it - Em xx


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