Wednesday, August 3, 2016

ICAD 2016 - Week 8

ICAD #50 Paisley

ICAD #51 purple or violet
Purple fingerprints made into balloons

ICAD #52 staircase

ICAD #53 fortune
I was thinking big dollar signs for this one, with glitter. changed my mind and went with fortune telling. Don't ask me what the Ace of Cups means, I have no idea! Ever had your fortune told? I haven't, but I am curious. My extent is reading the stars signs in the local rag.

ICAD #54 aquarium.
This was a card I prepared a couple of weeks ago. Lime green background with orange blotches. When I looked at it while thinking about this prompt, the orange blotches were asking to be turned into fish.

ICAD #55 Olympics
I am looking forward to the Olympics. I am hoping the Izzy gets to see the gymnastics on the telly, even more so, hoping it is a peaceful Olympic Games. 

ICAD #56 text or texture
I went with texture with this one. I found a scrap of crosstitch fabric, and other bits and bobs from my craft box. I first started crosstitching when I was pregnant with my first. I have several crosstitich samplers framed on the walls that are 25 years old! The one I was doing when he was born is one of those and is so special to me. 


  1. Beautiful drawings! Thanks fo stopping by for Wordless Wednesday.

  2. It's been a fun 8+ weeks hasn't it? I wrote a post which is going live on Saturday with how I've put my 4 years of cards together. I had them in albums and a book now I have each prompt 1-61 on a double spread for the 4 years. So lovely to have you join in too!


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