Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hedgend Maze, Healesville, Victoria

After not much luck on our train ride to find a picnic spot in Healesville, we ventured here. Brett had heard about this place, Hedgend Maze, from a guy at work.

I wasn't convinced. I had visions of outings he'd planned before, where he earned the nickname Brett Koight from family and friends. You know after that other blundering tour guide, Russell Koight.  Plus he'd pissed me off the night before, and that morning, so I had my "you're just an idiot" pants on.

Initially I had balked at the sixty dollar entry fee. It seemed a lot for a family of four, $15 each, but it is well worth the money. 

I had thought, with out looking too much into it, that it was just a hedge maze, but Hedgend is so much more than that with several different activities to keep everyone busy and happy.

We started with our prepacked picnic, and moved on to the 18 hole mini golf course. This was enjoyed by all. We even came back here before leaving, for another round, the kids loved it so much.

We next moved on to the native maze, which was a short hedged maze with a play fort in the middle. This was any easy one to see where the kids were, and central to the mini golf, the tall hedge maze and fossil dig area.

I was a bit worried about the kids getting lost in the tall cypress hedge maze, but I needn't have. I felt a little lost at times, but the kids were loving it. There was one stage when I was running through with Summer, she was giggling and having so much fun. For just one second there, I felt like I was four again too.

I loved the smell of the freshly clipped cypress. There were several different points of interest within the maze. Like the butterflies on old posts, garden ornaments and little garden beds. 

There were also quotes by famous people, and clues in the way of specific letter at each one, to solve a puzzle at the end.

Butter would not melt....

The fossil dig was two sandpits where the kids could dig and discover. They also liked walking around the area on tree stumps, even the big kids.

The spider web maze was a circle of poles with ropes strung in between. The object was to start at one pole and work your way under and over the other ropes to get to the other side. 
This maze was also popular.

Hedgend is a credit to it's creator and the people who run it, and I admit that I was wrong, we had all got our fifteen dollars worth. From the mini golf alone. Kids under three are free too.

Joining Kylie for #IBOT, I never blog on Tuesdays!!!


  1. This looks like such a fun place to visit. My boys would have loved the fossil dig when they were younger.

  2. This looks so cool Alicia. I totally just googled to see if there's something similar up here and found one on the sunshine coast, definitely plan on going. #teamIBOT

  3. I have friends in Melbourne that head to Hedgend at least once a year if for nothing else than the fossil dig! There are lots of fun things to do at Hedgend by the sound of it! #ibot


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