Monday, November 2, 2015

Something I hadn't prepare earlier

Just a quick one from me, as I am spending way too much of my little time, going through all my photos in preparation for this weeks show entries.

This Millicent annual show is on over the weekend, and I'm entering some produce and flowers from the garden, and photos. Exciting, but SO much to organise and do. Bit nervous about actually having any decent roses to actually enter.

Thursday is the day I have to drop everything off. I still have to order my prints online, and get Brett to pick them up after work in the Mount before then. It's stressing me out just thinking about it! Hoo, breathe.

The kids are putting a few things each in the show too.

Isabel has been wanting to use my camera, and I've been cautiously letting her. She's getting one for her birthday (not an expensive one like mine), because she is showing interest in photography. Her sister and I have become sitting ducks, along with the next door neighbours dog. So she'll be putting in a few photos.

This is one of Izzys, a close up of her sister. It was a nice surprise to find this on my camera. It is awesome.

I'm off my meds now, and everything seems to be going ok.

There's so much happening between now and Christmas. The show, the kids birthday parties, the Christmas pageant, end of school concert. We'll get there in the end, just have to meet things as they come.

We've just gotten the Gymnastics concert out the way this past weekend, done and dusted. One to cross off the list. Isabel is starting pre competition classes in a couple of weeks. Apparently she 'has it'. I hope she enjoys it. If not, she can go back to normal gym classes. That's OK.

I hope you all have a great week, and remember to meet life as it comes. I am trying not to stress about what's ahead, because really, it will be just fine.


  1. Great photos and even greater to share an interest. That will be lovely. Glad you are going along swimmingly. Enjoy....

  2. Love that selfie! Well done health-wise Alicia!

    1. The middle photo is a photo Izzy took of her sister Summer :) Hopefully the good health continues x

  3. All the best with your entries in the show! Your above rose photo and your daughter's selfie photo both look amazing!

  4. You sound super busy. Good luck with the show. The rose and photo are both lovely. xo

  5. Izzy's photo is awesome. So cool that she's interested in photograhy too. I hope bub will be eventually, for now she sees the camera and runs away because she's decided she's not a fan of photos at the moment :(

  6. I think my kids need to get cameras for Christmas soon, not so much for the photography angle, but for the memory keeping angle.

  7. Love the yellow rose, I buy myself flowers every week and I have just had the most gorgeous yellow roses.

  8. Beautiful photos! Good luck with the show! :)

  9. All the best with show and glad to hear things are okay post meds, take care of yourself. Love that she's keen on photos! x


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