Monday, November 23, 2015

Mental health wards and christmas pageants

Hearing a nurse tell a copper you're son is psychotic, is hard. Almost a week ago he was admitted to the mental health ward in Mount Gambier. Drugs and alcohol.

It's been an emotional week. Nothing compared to what my parents have been putting up with, him living in their shed and all.

He was let out on Saturday overnight, and stayed at our place. He was OK. Quiet and calm. Like his old self. It's going to be a hard, long road to get him back on track. I am scared. Although I am scared, this is the time for me to step up, to help him, to ask for help. To find help.

We returned him to hospital yesterday, as per the order he is under.

The big task is to find things, when he is discharged to keep him busy. To build his confidence, and find his motivation for life again, with out the use of drugs.

I was a drug user up until I was twenty nine. A pot smoker, never anything else, which I suspect isn't the case with him. He isn't telling me and because he is an adult, they doctor can't tell me either, the results from those first blood tests in emergency.

I regret the money I gave to drug dealers. I regret associating with the people I did. I'd like to banish all the drug dealers from town, tell them they are not welcome and to fuck off somewhere else. Like Bali, but I hear they aren't killing them anymore.

Besides all that, while we were in the Mount on Saturday, we took the girls to see the 56th annual Christmas pageant in the Mount.

To follow our family tradition, we put the Christmas tree up in the afternoon, after the pageant. The girls loved that their brother helped, and Summer hasn't stopped telling everyone that he put the star at the very top of the tree. She hasn't stopped exclaiming how pretty and so beautiful the tree is.



  1. It must be really hard for your parents, watching the child they love so much go through so much pain that they can't do anything about. But then they would see you as a success story, so that would give them so much hope. Good for you for stepping up. I'm sure, you will know ultimately how to help and what to do. I have fingers crossed this is a turning point for your brother.

    1. Not my brother Lydia. My son. It is hard for my parents, he's their first grandchild and they do love him very much.

  2. Love the Blues Brothers photo - on a more flippant note. Hilarious

  3. Sorry to hear this Alicia. Hope everything turns out well.

  4. This is a tough one Alicia, yet I know you have the strength and the love to be there for him... after all, he chose you to be his mum. Love the pageant photos... brings back happy memories... thank you♥

  5. Oh Alicia what a tough situation. Hopefully he will have the same strength you had and be able to turn away from drugs you, no doubt it will be a long road though. I'm sure he would've had fun going to the parade and putting the tree up with the girls.

  6. Hard news indeed. Hope a solution is found that helps long term!

  7. Such a tough thing to have to go through. Thinking of all your family during this time. On a positive side Christmas and a New Year and such a wonderful time for families to come together for fresh starts. The photos look great!

  8. My sister in law is going through the same thing with her brother... He is ripping the family apart and they are all exhausted

  9. I didn't know you had a son. Sorry to hear about how tough it is...drugs these days are so much worse than just pot :( I hope he recovers and as a family, you all get through this. Take care. xx

  10. So sorry to hear about your son. I hope he continues to improve and get the treatment he needs. Be kind to yourself, you are doing a great job.

  11. I have kids that age, I know what it's like to worry over the choices they make and yet be powerless to do anything about it. You must be going through the wringer - big hugs xxx


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