Monday, August 24, 2015

SALA at the Millicent Art Gallery

Our local art gallery is situated in our public library. Two weeks ago saw the opening of the SALA exhibition. I went along and I really enjoyed it. Although I took my camera, I was too embarrassed to whip it out and shoot away, which is silly, I should really get past this.

Almost once a week we visit the library, usually a Thursday. This week Summer and I went back on Tuesday, I took my camera and took some photos of the artwork. 

All the artist are local, and that is what SALA is about, showcasing local South Australian artists within their communities. This in turn, is great for our community. I really enjoyed celebrating and getting to know some of our local artistic characters.

All sorts of art forms are covered. We really do have some talented and inspirational people in our community. 

I haven't shown all of the artists here, you'd be here all day! These were some of my favourites. 

Loreto Cataldi is an amazing artist. I just love his self portrait using red chalk on watercolour paper.

I loved this weaving by Leah Hamilton. She used inspiration from the seaside town she lives in, and is a personal piece, with wool used from her grandmother's socks.

Mosaic art by Karen Talanskas

I really like this piece by Peter Dunn

Mary McKillop, by Ardri Vanderheyden

I really like this style of painting by Ardri

Paintings by Carol Baxter. Carol paints at the Millicent Craft Group with a group of other visual artists.

This one was one of my favourites

Oops-My IceScream by Amanda MacLeod. Bit of a weird one.
Her paintings below too. One man standing next to me, commented he wanted to go up and touch the boobs. Must be a man thing. 

Young local artist Mel Cecotti

This awesome piece of art welcomes visitors at the entrance of the library. Crafted by local metal work artist Greg Hann.

I loved these pieces by Pam Hales of Beachport. I just love the embroidery enhancing her paintings. So clever. 


  1. Wow, those portraits have so much detail. I also like that Peter Dunn painting, so relaxing to look at. You can definitely tell that weaving is inspired by the beach. Those last painting with embroidery are interesting with the extra texture. Art galleries can be interesting places to look around but sometimes they are really not my cup of tea. This display of local artist's work looks like it is filled with plenty of creativity and talent.

  2. I love that libraries do this - Ours just had a photographic exhibition (2 of which were mine, and they're kindly giving back to me on the lovely quality print paper (large format) so while I didn't win, I still get a prize ;)

  3. I love the weaving piece of art ! It reminds me of the beach and the fact that the artist used wool from her grandmothers socks adds such an amazing personal side to this artwork!

  4. I love the last piece, the texture from the wool looks amazing against the painting.

  5. I have never been very artistic and because of this I have struggled with what I think is good art or just a painting... Some of these pictures are wonderful though... I would hang them in my house

  6. I think the last painting is my favourite. Something about the texture. Gorgeous.

  7. I really like the Peter Dunn piece and the last two. And yes boobs are a man thing!

  8. I loved looking at those Alicia, I rarely get out to see art, although I do write about a lot of artists, but usually never see their work in person. They sure are talented people! x

  9. Wow, some amazing talent there. It's really been ages since I've gone to a museum or art gallery, which is quite sad. Must put it on the To Do List.

    PS I nominated you for a Liebster award but feel free to ignore if you've been there, done that. xo

  10. Very talented and lots of different types of art

  11. Wow! :) cannot believe that my art has made it into someone's blog. Thank you for supporting local artists!
    -Mel Cecotti

    I'm also on Facebook,

  12. Do u know anything about art? My painting: "oops,my icecream"! Is my personal fun take on the very famous painting (The scream) by the Great artist:'Munch'
    Saying someone's art is "weird" is judgemental,it is of course your opinion but if you have no idea about the reason I painted it or what it's about then maybe don't comment.


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