Monday, July 20, 2015

Just a bit of cross stitch and a pinch of crazy

It's Monday again! How do they come around so fast?!

I am loving this Monday especially because its back to school, and there is so much awesome stuff happening this week. Like back to school.

I was enjoying the longer lie-ins of the past two weeks. I am a little miffed about the thought of being up early. I will not be loving my phone this morning, because it will be ringing at me to get the hell up( do I have to?). Yes I will have to get up.

I do love routine though, and well, back to school.

The past week we've all been crook. The blasted cold from sucksville. I felt like rubbish the last few days, and don't think that I haven't milked that shit for all it was worth.

This last week has been not all bad. I picked up a cross stitch piece I was given a couple of years ago. It's a table cloth kit that was given to me by a friend of mums. It's an old New Idea magazine pattern, and I only can only guess from the eighties or there about.

I have been at it like a mad woman, and am nearly finished! Keep an eye out on Instagram, for I should be done with it by the end of the day, finally! This does not come without a tender middle finger from pushing a needle through a hundred or so stitches. Next time I will start out with a band aid on my finger from the start to counter act this, instead of a cure.

One last thing I am excited about being done with this week, is the greenhouse at the community garden. The green house kit was bought with grant funding about two years ago. Long story short, lost instructions, wrong replacement instructions, no motivation, half wits and lack of ambition have seen the green house not constructed in that time. Not a good reflection on the community garden.

It was suggested a letter of apology be written to the grant providers. Over my dead body! If there was to be a letter of apology to be written, it will be written with a picture of the completed greenhouse attached! Thank you very much.

Along comes determined me, some ingenuity and half a brain (mine) and it looks as though it will be completed in a couple of weeks. I spent a few hours on Saturday, after not attending a birthday party because of being sick, at the gardens erecting the front and back section of the greenhouse. You'd think I should be laid up on the couch. No. Crazy me is constructing. I felt pretty good afterwards though. A real sense of achievement. 

All though the next day, muscles I have forgotten about, are screaming at me. After sitting for a bit, cross stitching of course, I can hardly walk. Under all this weight I have put on, is a toned goddess. There is.

I've lined up some help to build the rest, so fingers crossed it will be good and done. I will be all sorts of proud. Not to mention the picture on Facebook, with the caption, "For the ones that have gone before me, you have just been schooled. This is how shit gets done Mofos", or to that effect.  It will come at just the right time, with the sowing of seeds for summer veggies. I am pumped!

So that's where my excitement is coming from at the moment, sowing of seeds and embroidery!

What's floating your boat at the moment?


  1. Aren't you clever with the cross stitch? That's very pretty. As for what's floating my boat - nothing today. I'm doing tax and I got no sleep because of kids (pretty much been awake since 2am. I'm tired and mega cranky and the coffee is doing NAUGHT!). Look out, Medicare office, here I come - YAY!! (actually, Medicare are nice, but the sitting in line gets to me) I'm just cranky, ignore!

  2. Great stitch work Alicia! I haven't thought to try this in years...

  3. constructing sounds like just the remedy to illness! good luck with the cross stitch

  4. It feels good when you can see the results of your endeavours like cross stitch and erecting a green house! Me, I did chores all weekend, cleaning, cooking and ironing! Visible results last for such a short time before I need to do it all again!!!

  5. Totally sucksville to be sick! The Raj household has been the same :-( but I haven't done a cross stitch in ages! Good on you and great news on the garden too!

  6. Your cross stitch project looks lovely. I wish I was more interested in things like that or gardening. My Mum is but it must have skipped a generation. Ahem. Hope you are feeling better and enjoying the back to school peace. xo

  7. Hope you are feeling better. Good on you for rolling up your sleeves and getting on with the green house project. Love your cross stitch. I use to love cross stitch but don't seem to have the time these days. Might need to change that.

  8. What is with winter and sickness. We headed off for the weekend to have a great time relaxing, exploring and maybe a little partying and Mr Sparky ended up being sick so lots of relaxing a tiny bit of exploring and absolutely no partying was the reality. Ahh well.
    Maybe I should get out my 1/4 and 1/2 done cross stitch projects and finish them. You are making me feel a bit motivated. Good on you on getting the green house hopping along (hopefully). Our garden is growing things at home so I am pretty happy about that.

  9. Back to school for us was last week and it makes my life as a full time working mum a little easier

  10. Go Alicia! I look forward to hearing more about the greenhouse. It's a shame no everyone has been as enthusiastic.

  11. Well done Alicia! I loved reading this... full of humour, perseverance and determination.

  12. I used to do cross stitch at boarding school, helped pass the time. That greenhouse business would give me the shits too. And I read the post about your uncle, but didn't comment as was away. I hope that wasn't too awks for you - have a great week lovely x


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