Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY family photo christmas greeting cards

I came across this site years ago and thought I would share it with you. 

If you are anything like me, SLACK, then you might find this an awesome and quick alternative to sending out your christmas cheer.

Nothing makes people ooh and aah, like a family photo of your gorgeous children presented on a professional looking card.

All you need is a decent photo, a printer and photo paper.

This link will take you to the Christmas Photocard section, of the WiddlyTinks website. 

Choose your frame.

You will then need to upload your family picture in the space provided. 

You can also edit the text to suit yourself.

Save your finished creation to your computer. 

Print out cards on photo paper.

Whack a magnet on the back and you have a printed card you can give out to your family and friends.

If all that seems to hard you could always share straight to Facebook on Christmas Eve and tag all your family and friends. I am sure they will love it.

This link will take you to the Christmas section of the Photo Tinks, which have some lovely scrapbooking themed templates that are good too. 

Now go and have a play on the Widdlytinks site. I hope it helps you this Christmas. In fact there are templates there for all occasions, not just Christmas. You could just about go absolutely batshit crazy creating stuff!

What's your hot tip for Christmas this year?


  1. I am skipping the cards this year, as we're going away and I'm just not organised... but maybe I should send a FB xmas card...good thinking, 99!

  2. I have to remember this ffor next year!!

  3. What a fab idea!
    I don't bother doing Christmas cards anymore! I don't have time and I like to think I am helping the environment but if I were, these would be the best!

  4. What a great idea! Will have to file this one away for years ahead.
    I actually bought Christmas cards the other day to write out for a few people at work, first time in years I have done that! Not sure they would want a copy of a photo of me! lol...

  5. Fantastic idea! I have been so slack with Christmas Cards. I've done none this year. We usually respond to any we receive, but interestingly, we have received quite a few less than usual this year so far. I'm thinking snail mail is becoming a bit of a dying art and I feel bad that my slackness has contributed to that! Aggghhh - its just such a busy time of year ;-)

  6. It's moments like this I wish we hadn't got rid of our good printer, but it was costing too much in bloody cartridges! Great idea - might get some done online and send out to a select few. x

  7. My first thought was why bother printing, just send them online lol. Our printer is dead anyway and I hardly ever receive cards in the mail so I'm thinking a digital one might be a good solution.

  8. I will definitely be checking that site out. I've just spent the weekend helping the kids get their cards sorted out - there is no way I'll be writing my own this year!

  9. I've never done Christmas cards. I am not sentimental in that way.

  10. We haven't sent Christmas cards for a few years now. My youngest is graduating from Primary school this year and wants to do them for the entire class, this might be a better way to go about it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I like how your cards turned out! I wish I had a tip to share, but I have to admit that I'm a bit disorganized and I procrastinate. How's that for the truth? lol

    Thanks for hosting..have a great week :)

  12. Cute! I've done similar with an app called redstamp.

  13. That's a wonderful idea...need to keep that in my mind for the years to come.

  14. Wonderful Christmas cards that convey joy and tenderness, beautiful pictures !!

  15. I used to create these years ago. I also used to create a xmas zine (newsletter)... time doesn't permit this today. Thanks for the memories though. I apologise too, it's been a while since I last linked up :-( ♥


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