Monday, December 22, 2014

A licence to occupy, PEBCAK errors and klingon.

Who can actually believe it is Monday again!

Why, Oh Why, does this time of year has to be so freakin' crazy?

We are off at 8:30 this morning, to drive 50 km. We are signing the papers at the lawyers, to make our holiday house ownership, legally official. With a Licence to Occupy, we may well have the keys to move in as well. Our official settlement date isn't until the 8th of January, but if all parties are happy, we will be very happy!

Early this morning, I'll be ringing to have the electricity connected,  so we can clean and connect a pump to the rain water tank, which thank god, is full. There is no town water in Pelican Point, we have a sewage pit out the back. No water rates is a bonus. A water bore is on the agenda though, just in case.

We will be able to clean up the place and empty all the furniture we have been accumulating in our shed at home. All we are missing is a washing machine and some outdoor dining furniture.

Almost finished stripping the paint of this beauty. It belonged to my Gran. She's just moved into the old folks home at the hospital. the makers mark on the inside of the door says it's made by the Mt Gambier upholsterer and undertaker. I'm guessing it's pretty old! I remember this cupboard in the middle of Gran, and dear departed Grandpa's beds(they slept in singles), when I was just a wee thing. I still remember seeing their teeth,  in a glass on the top, by the bedside. A packet of White ox(pa's), and a Mills and Boon novel(Gran's). It's going to look great in our holiday house bathroom.

I have become a little unhealthily obsessed with Facebook sites in our area, selling used goods. Please dear god people! Sell me your washing machine!!

I saw someone even selling a Big Bang Theory board game. Trivia, of course. I thought that might entertain the punters who decide to rent out holiday home. Of course being the cheeky smart arse I am, I replied in Klingon, HISLaH. Which means Yes. Next time I am in his neck of the woods, he's going to earn $5 for his board game. A woman POSSESSED! By Facebook selling sites. 

What I will not buy, is used undies!!

Anyhoo. Boggy's (Brett's) mate, is down for Chrissy. They are at the moment(Sunday night) sucking down a lot of ales in the shed. He came in inside whining he can't work out how to find all the music on the computer and he needed some help(FFS). We have an old computer in the shed we use as a jukebox. No brainer, unless your name is Brett and you have a gut full(of piss).

I walk all huffy into the shed find the 'Windows Media Player' icon. Click on it and select 'Library'. Then select "songs". OMG. The strangest thing happened. (I am being all sorts of sarcastic here). Every song on the computer, EVER, comes up in alphabetical order. I stormed out the shed, all pissed of like, saying, "It's a PEBCAK error, Brett!" Sounding like, in tone and everything like Kim, from Kath and Kim. I think I was doing the walk too!

By the way, if you ever want to use it, PEBCAK, means Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard. In other words, the problem begins with the the arse on the computer chair!

I just love the idioms, and tones that television programs bring to my vocabulary. I am so proud of my youngest, for a while there, when I asked how she was, her answer was, "I'm good, Prue". 

What idioms have made it to your vocab, through telly programs?

Only last month, I was cracking up Summer, with renditions of the Goggomobil ad, for Yellow Pages. Remember that?! G-O-G-G-O! No, not the dart!

If you don't hear from me in the next three sleeps, please have a safe and Happy Christmas! See you on the flip side!


  1. Congratulations Alicia - how exciting!! I hope you blog your new house room by room. I want pics of the finished product on that chest too! Merry Christmas to you and yours! X

  2. Oooo how exciting! I want to see piccies of the house too! Loving the story behind that piece of furniture pictured. I can see the glass of water with teeth in it clearly! lol Kath and Kim - god I love them. The idiom my family have adopted is also from that show. I can't tell you how many times we break into the "it's noice, it's different, it's unusual"!! ;-)

  3. Loved the energy expressed through your words Alicia! Such an exciting time for you... congratulations! Recently friends were having lots of laughs with the idioms they were creating, and sadly I can't remember any of them to share :-( Happy Summer Solstice and New Moon beginnings to you. And have a joy-filled Christmas too♥ Blessings xx

  4. What an exciting end to the year for you. Wishing you a merry Christmas and I'm looking forward to following your adventures in the new year.

  5. OMG I can't believe someone was selling used undies!!

    Yay about the house! Not sure about the poo pit though.

  6. A holiday exciting! I wonder if anyone has bought the undies????

  7. How exciting!!!
    Those selling pages in Facebook are a source of much entertainment for my sister and I with all the randomness that seems to appear. Hope yours is used for it's intended purpose, ours rarely seems to be!

  8. Love that bedside cupboard, what great memories you have of it. Looking forward to the updates.
    Crays werent crawling down that way today but love the new boat ramp down there.

  9. There are times when I get a bit over zealous with bargains online but like you I draw the line at used gruts!! Some mothers do have 'em huh! Merry Christmas lovely - see you on the flipside!

  10. Yes, I hope that soon they can settle into your new home and begin to enjoy it !!

  11. Such exciting news Alicia! Congrats!
    Used undies?? For real? Ugh! I am cool with a lot of second-hand stuff but undies and swimwear are two things I wouldn't buy.
    Hmm...can't say I've picked up any idioms from TV shows.


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