Thursday, December 5, 2013

Garden goings on

All the grass is dead now. I put a heap of compost from the pile in the driveway, on top of the dead grass. Izzy helped with the rake, she's a keen gardener. On a recent trip to some open garden's Mum saw her interest in flowers and gardens and commented that she will be a gardener, just like her mum and nanna.

The pile of good compost. This is thanks really to my cheeky neighbour who dumps his stuff there. I used up the 'free' compost on my new grden beds, uncovered and fixed my sprinklers that were there and chucked some plants in! Reclaimed it.

I painted a couple of signs on old bits of metal I scrounged from dad's scrap pile.

"Take a photo of me and Summer Mum". "Summer come here and hold my hand". "Muuuum, take a photo of me and Summer!".

Mum sells plants she has grown herself out the front of her place in an old cart. I went round and scabbed a few, and divided a few of my own to get a few plants into the new patch. I had to use a pick axe to dig holes through the dead Kikuyu roots. It will be much easier when they break down to plant stuff.
'Sally Holmes' rose I got off Mum, she grew from a cutting. I have my eye on a 'Slim Dusty' rose at Plants Plus too ;)

The blue Nigella 'love in a mist' comes up every year from dropped seed. It looks lovely with the pink 'apple blossom' carpet rose flowering amongst it.

I don't let the chooks out for a wander as often as I used too, they eat all my lettuce!

The other new patch on the other side of the house. I dug up and divided some irises to put in the new patches, the leaves are all over the lawn.

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  1. I love your gardening posts Alicia. I have never started a garden bed by killing off the grass first. What did you spray it with? I like your quirky signs, you have certainly been busy!

    1. I sprayed it with a glyphosate weed killer, just one from the supermarket. I use it too do all the edges around the garden as well. I have a lot of kikuyu lawn and it's always creeping into the garden beds. Be warned it kills everything, so be careful around plants you don't want dead!!

  2. How cute is your garden. I love the chickens & ducks crossing signs.

  3. That blue nigella is gorgeous as are the metal signs. Very creative.

  4. You sure are a green thumb! Nothing more special than blue flowers in my eyes, they are quite rare. x

  5. I wish I had a green thumb! I love your "love in the mist" and pink apple blossom photos. Beautiful colours!

  6. Wow that looks fantastic! I am the opposite of a green thumb so I'm in awe of your kids gardening skills! xxx

  7. Wow your Nigella 'love in the mist' and pink apple blossom flower combo is stunning! And I love the little signs, adds a nice touch.


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