Monday, September 23, 2013

Spring #openslather

There is so many flowers coming out in the garden right now, in just about every colour of the rainbow, it's getting hard to keep up. I love the surprise of going out and seeing something else coming out in flower. Here's some of the pink flowers on show right now.


 Maderense Geranium

 Rock rose(cistus)

Tamarisk tree


  1. Those flowers are amazing. I love the geraniums, so pretty. How good is spring!!

  2. Your flower photos always make me smile - and yearn to have a garden - although I couldn't have a nice one here in tropical Queensland - I'll admire yours from afar :) x

  3. So pretty. The tamarisk tree is very nice, I love clusters of flowers.

    1. I love the colour and it is a sight amongst the garden when it is in flower. A pretty boring tree the rest of the year though.

  4. Beautiful. The second are my favourite. Though I really love them all. I can't wait to have a backyard with a garden.

  5. Just beautiful. I love looking at flower images and Spring brings them all out!

  6. Lovely macros - and what gorgeous subject matter. Lightens my mood just looking at the pics.x

  7. It's such a vibrant colour! Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gorgeous! I wish I had a green thumb I just love a garden in bloom


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