Monday, September 16, 2013

My cutie pies #openslather

Izzy and Summer. They are so much alike, yet so different in so many ways.
Both have their own ways of driving me nuts, yet fill me with so much laughter, pride and joy.
They love each other, yet sometimes need their own space. They can be fighting over something one minute and cuddling the next. 
They are sisters, they are love.


  1. Gorgeous girls. I am guessing sister love is a lot like brother love is around here!! Linking and running today but I will be back to check out the other link ups tomorrow.
    ps Happy birthday!!

  2. What cuties! It's amazing how different sibling's personalities can be!

  3. THANK you for hosting :)!! Your little ones are adorable...have a great week ~ jodie

  4. Alicia! I was so happy to see you at my blog today! I have not gotten over here in way too long, and that is awful. Really. Not just fake mom blogger saying that. I know it's been too long, because I cannot get over how big your daughters are! They really do look like two peas in a pod in these pictures. Hard to imagine the fighting, while looking at them, but I know you're telling the truth!

  5. They are divine! And growing up WAY too fast from the looks of it - a love/hate relationship I bet :)


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